How to Choose the Best DJ Equipment

This guide for those entertainers who are taking care of the events parties and weddings for their valued customer.

Remember clubs DJ’s and private event DJ’s are two different things. The people who are private event DJs are accountable for speakers, lighting, microphones as well as a technical problem that one can face.

Choose the Best DJ Equipment

Go through this blog to know how to prepare for buying DJs for events.

DJ audio and sound essential

This question makes confuse the person while DJ that is why one should consider the following things before purchasing the sound system of DJ.

1. Are you going to use the equipment indoor or outdoor?

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2. Do you have to move the DJ from one place to another during the ceremony?

3. How many audiences will be there?

4. What is the source of music? MP3s, CDs or Laptops?

5. How many microphones wired/wireless will be used?

Also, make sure you have a wireless transmitter and receiver if you want to use lapels or wireless microphones.


Purchasing the folding stand for a tripod will be a wise decision for each of your speakers.

If you are using a remote control for controlling volume then make sure it does not get interrupted by other available sources. While purchasing loudspeaker thinks about the power as you will not want the speaker to blow out your ears.

Back walls, tables, and covers

Having a DJ booth with back walls and backdrops will make you look professional.

To cover the traveling cases wire and other things you can go for polyester backdrop or curtains as well as can try to use custom printed backdrops with an amazing banner.

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Use of Truss system and folding tables can help you with lighting and TV Mount stands.

Dancing floor

Party without dance or you can say DJ without people dancing is a total illusion. Adding the dance floor on the package of purchase will be considered as the best option.

Go for portable Dance Floor which can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

One can look into the various advantage of the dance floor before actually purchasing it:

1. It has a sloping edge and has a lightweight design.

2. Can be easily assembled and you have a various color option here.

3. It has a base that can absorb impact and shock.

4. You can hide all the wires and cables of speakers, light, and computer below it.

Projectors, Mount and digital display

If you wish to show music videos, slideshow, and other visuals then you have included screen, TV Mount, projector on the DJ purchase package. You can go for wall-mounted, ceiling hanging on the floor standing digital display product.

Transportation case

Once the happening event comes to an end, it is time to pack your bags. To take every equipment of DJ like a photo booth, speaker, tables and DJ booth you have to put in the storage case which can be easily transported.

Make sure that you have a separate case for all the DJ equipment like the speaker, screens and other types of equipment.

I hope this guide will have shade some light on what to look for while purchasing the DJ. If you cannot purchase the DJ, then you can easily rent the DJ from GSE AV New Orleans as they have various types of DJ with them.

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Get yourself, DJ, for your every party or event on rent and then let your guest groove to the latest track that is been played on DJ.

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