10 Best WordPress Trends in 2021 You Should Not Ignore

Content management systems(CMS) are gearing up to show us what they were working on in 2019.

WordPress, one of the most powerful website powering platforms, will be on the forefront.

In 2019, the company released the 5.0 version, which the users agreed was a significant upgrade.

They went on to launch 5.3 and many new plugins for better functionality. Now users can hardly wait to see what WordPress has in store for 2020. 

10 Best WordPress Trends in 2021 You Should Not Ignore 1
10 Best WordPress Trends in 2021 You Should Not Ignore 4

 Here is what we can expect.

The past years have concentrated a lot on search engine optimization. Everyone is looking at how they can rank higher on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, among others. But now, online users are taking advantage of the voice assistants to perform most of their searches.

We have Siri from iPhone and Alexa from Amazon as the major front-runners. We can only expect that WordPress will capitalize on what voice search has to offer.

2. AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is critical for many digital transformations. It helps boost websites, and users get a better experience on your site. Many companies have already adopted the use of artificial intelligence resulting in cost savings. We can expect WordPress to embrace artificial intelligence on its platform.

3. Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

WordPress is a robust platform that already allows you to design a website using multi-purpose themes. You can customize your website using various plugins. Many companies are already enjoying the benefits of WordPress for their website development. We can, therefore, expect more themes that offer multi-purpose functionalities. 

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4. Better Website Builders

Some people struggle with building websites despite the wide selection of themes and plugins. Website builder tools such as Elementor and Beaver are some of the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) tools you can use. Building a website is a simple as using the drag-and-drop interface, and you can customize it to your heart’s content. 

5. Augmented and virtual reality

Virtual and augmented reality is not a new trend, but the changes and innovations are fascinating to see. WordPress is now taking the appropriate steps to enable such content on their websites.

You can upload 360-degree images or three-dimensional videos that are interactive. You can also benefit from the media opportunities available to you. It makes it an essential tool that many marketers will take advantage of. You can present your products and services to your customers and allow them to interact with it even if they are far away.  

6. PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

PWAs are an excellent option for mobile users. It works on your mobile browser, and you do not need to install it on your phone. you will get better security, faster page loading speed, better user experience and more flexibility in what you can do.

PWAs is not a new concept on WordPress, but not many people have been taking advantage of it. But now many more are beginning to adopt its use. 

7. Blockchain Technology

The Cryptocurrency wave has made blockchain technology a critical component in the financial sectors.

We expect that companies such as WordPress will adapt it for purposes of monetizing their websites. The technology will also have a role to play with regards to security and how quickly e-commerce businesses can process transactions. WordPress already has Newspack that has some blockchain features and is suitable for publishing outfits. Some plugins focus on Cryptocurrency.

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8. Chatbots And Live Chat

Organizations are adopting the use of chatbots because they are practical and efficient. You can provide support to your customers promptly without needing human labor. You only need to program it with the right answers based on FAQ’s or what you know about your customers.

You get to engage better with the customers by giving them a good user experience on your platform. Business users are already integrating chatbots with some of the custom services from WordPress Development teams.

9. AMP (accelerated mobile pages)

You can create speedy mobile pages using Google AMP. With approximately 50% of online visitors using their mobile phones to search the internet, you must ensure that your pages load very fast. Many website development companies are looking into integrating AMP as part of their offering. It will, therefore, most likely be a top trend on WordPress in 2020.  

10. E-commerce

WordPress allows you to integrate WooCommerce if you need to use your platform for e-commerce. But now we have more themes that will enable you to configure your website effortlessly. We are forecasting steady growth in services such as subscriptions and personalized mobile shopping experiences. 

If you are approaching e-commerce, then an SSL certificate is an ideal solution for your security. If you are a large organization having multiple subdomains, then you can go with Comodo wildcard SSL certificate.

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Final thoughts

We have looked at some of the trends that will have a significant impact on users who are on the WordPress platform. As it stands, WordPress is one of the most innovative platforms which could explain its popularity amongst users.

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They pay significant attention to keeping up with the latest innovations, and that is why we can expect so much from them.  

It is essential that as you take advantage of the emerging trends, you pay attention to the security of your website.

Installing a Comodo wildcard SSL certificate is cost-effective and will give you protection for multiple subdomains.

Whatever you do on your website should have the end-user in mind. They need to have a good experience on your platform while being sure that you have taken the necessary steps to safeguard their information. 

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