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5 Best Ways Push Notifications Can Increase Business Revenue

We know that effective communication is always considered as a key to increase and retain clients as it is to the advancement of any business, regardless of its size.

Hence, it is important to reach every important tool of communication available out to deal with both existing and potential clients.

A powerful tool like push notifications harnesses the not deniable spreading use of mobile devices. Also, it gives businesses an edge by giving the producers effective communication mechanisms to engage the existing and increase the potential customer base.

To understand the importance of push notification, first, it’s important to know about it properly.

5 Best Ways Push Notifications Can Increase Business Revenue 1
5 Best Ways Push Notifications Can Increase Business Revenue 6

Hence, we’ve designed this piece to explain its various aspects, so that you can take your marketing decision wisely.

Why Push Notifications are Useful for Your Business

Push notifications campaign for both websites and Mobile applications are nowadays one of the most efficient marketing strategies for businesses.

With the power of timely, well structured and relevant messages it leverages the effectiveness of relevancy on digital marketing campaigns.

In the sea of offline marketing, it gives you a more personalized and engaging mechanism to reach out to your potential customers. 

According to the statistics, about 90% of the average mobile user’s spent their time using various apps.

Hence, the use of push notifications in strategic marketing planning campaigns have been increased rapidly, right there you get a golden chance to engage the interest of your existing customer base by directly pitching your services in their interfaces.

The bottom line says that push notifications are not only known to reach and retain your current audiences but also spread out to a wider band.

Hence, if you also want desired traffic, reach, conversion rates for your business, in this topic we are going to talk about the benefits of push notification in any business.

Ways Push Notifications Could Advance Your Business

There is not any denying fact that marketing is one of the most powerful tools which ensures a strong customer base, and within it, the popular push notifications provide benefits with numerous benefits.

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5 Best Ways Push Notifications Can Increase Business Revenue 3
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Following are some benefits that we’d explored in our experience of using push notifications:

Effective Communication

If you expose the right information to your customer’s base then it is for sure beyond advantageous in expanding your business or a brand.

And push notifications to give a gentle reminder to your existing and potential customers with new updates, offers, and promotions to increase the traffic on your website or an app.

The software tools of push notifications allow you to engage and interact with your customers through direct messages. Also, you can do segmentation and do personalization to make it more effective.

Along with it, you also get a chance to communicate with your users while relegating and approaching any concerns of your emails, which are being treated as spam or ignored to the backseat.

Harness Wider Browser Platforms

According to recent studies the sites such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome; all take more than 70% of the total market share.

With the help of push notification service on these browsers, you can extend your reach to a larger percentage of the market.

There is no doubt that the majority of push notification tools support these browsers. It is because; it gives its messages a wider reach when looking to market on bigger platforms.

Insights on Customer Behavior

To note the target audience is the most important factor while choosing to launch campaigns or send broadcast messages. If you want to build an effective online brand building and marketing then to gain sufficient insights on customer behavior, reactions and perspective are important. 

It is because to collect information on customer’s behavior, location, and related activities helps you to set appropriate messages.

Also, your message should be framed and managed so that it can meet at the correct time to the correct demographics, meeting their requirements.

According to a recent study on push notifications revealed that location or target area based messages tend to give the triple conversion rates.

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Thus, user engagement through the help of push notification is a very important marketing strategy these days in practice, which allows room for the user’s engagement and more conversion rates.

To use the push notification effectively tracking the various actionable metrics is associated with such as open rate, time and CTR (Click through rates), which leverage the data available for preparing the better campaigns.

Increased Conversion Rates

Being an online market campaign owner you should know that to provide crucial messages on time always keeps a user informed and aware, which prompts him to consider that your app or website an important tool to get integral timely updates.

It ultimately creates a trust for being genuine and identity on the digital platform, which is very important in this fake content creator world.

Hence, this for sure increases your click-through rates and open rates.

A recent study of Urban Airship says that the app retention rates are increased from 3 to 10 times through high-valued personalized push notifications.

The short but important reminders, which are personalized to a customer’s needs provides a customer with a strong reason in their subconscious mind to continue with your product.

But you have to move out your mind from sending irrelevant and unnecessary messages to users to poke them every second. It can make them leave and delete your app forever. 

Moreover, it increases the site’s traffic results in high retention rates which also effectively boost the conversion rate.

Improved Brand Consistency and Integrity

On the last minute deals by sending consistent but unobtrusive notifications for deals and other special offers proves that push notifications are a powerful marketing tool that seeks to increase the integrity of your brand.

The timely valued notifications for provides your brand offers users help improve the brand consistency.

The Push notification creates a complementary marketing background that ultimately allows you to send specified messages with your brand logos present in the messages.

Thus, the customers are able to associate every timely and value-added message with your brand – which subsequently drives the user’s engagement.

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Let Users Know You Missed Them

Due to increasing competition, sometimes the regular and the most loyal customers, who are using your app for a long time stops using your app after a certain amount of time and don’t come back.

It is not surprising that with the increasing time and competition your most faithful customer will cheat on you and go to another app similar to yours.

But no worries, being an online businessman you still have chances to show them that your app was the best and will be the best.

As mentioned above, you can always re-engage dormant users by sending them a personalized push notification message. Give them solid reasons to come back, introduce them special offers, incentives so that they can feel you care about them and let them know why they should have missed you too.


There is not any denying fact that mobile push marketing is a way more effective than people know about it. 

It is a fact that push notifications can really help you grow your app business and reduce your churn, whether it is iOS or Android push notification. We hope that our piece has helped you to understand the various aspects of push notifications So that you can make a decision wisely regarding it.

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