Parental control app

6 Reasons To Have Parental Control App on Kids Phone

This is the time when the worldwide web is a part of our life. We, the parents have no choice, but to live in gadgets. We need to remain active on social networking platforms. We spend our free time on tablets and mobile phones.

It is the same thing that happens with kids. But there is a difference.  We know what is safe and what is not; kids don’t know this.

Still, you cannot forcefully regulate their internet use. They will join social media, enter chat rooms, download-install games and interact with strangers.  

Parental control app
6 Reasons To Have Parental Control App on Kids Phone 6

The only thing you can do is to keep an eye on them without being noticed. This is what parental control does.

Parental control or monitor software are there in plenty. They help parents monitor their kids in the virtual world.

All you need to do is to install software on your kid’s Smartphone. The Parental control app lets you block unwanted calls, filter inappropriate content and set access-time limits. Even if you don’t want to monitor your children, you should do it for the following reasons:

1. Dangerous Applications

There are numerous messaging apps that let children send and receive messages anonymously. They enable predators to contact your child.

Apps that feature self-destructing messages and photos and facilities to contact strangers should sound red flags. Beware of the apps like Kik, snapchat, etc. They help kids hide their online communications. Having parental control on your child’s phone enables you to block such apps.

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2. Cyber Bullies and Criminals

Tracking your child’s online activities let you monitor instances of cyberbullying and protect him/her from harm. You will also eliminate the possibility of him indulging in such activities.

3. Online Predators

Games that prompt kids to perform life-threatening tasks are there in plenty. Online games like PUBG, Pokémon Go, Condemned 2: Bloodshot incite are too dangerous for kids to play. Parental monitor software lets you filter and block access to such games.

4. Excessive Use of Social Media

Social media can be addictive. And they may distract kids from what is more important for them in life. Parental monitoring software helps you set time limits so that your kids may not be addicted to social networking platforms like Facebook.

This way, you balance your child’s digital diet. It is true that you always have an open conversation with your children. But that alone may not suffice.

5. Effects on Mental Health

You can evaluate an app’s effect on mental health by checking the time kids spend on it. If you find Anything Dangerous, Use the parental control software and block it.

6. Parents Can’t Be With Their Kids 24-7

As parents, you will have your own responsibilities. You will have to take care of your full-time jobs. Add to it the other stresses of your life. Being with your children all the time is simply impossible. Find the parental control app that helps you remotely monitor your kids’ activities and act accordingly.

Monitor Your Kids Online Activities Using Parental Control App

All these present the next question; how to choose the right monitoring app. The answer depends on your preferences and requirements. If an easy to use app that remains hidden is what you need, TiSpy is the one for you. The following features make it the most powerful parental control app available in the market:

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6 Reasons To Have Parental Control App on Kids Phone 1
6 Reasons To Have Parental Control App on Kids Phone 7
  • Monitoring online activity: TiSpy logs all URLs a user visits on the phone browser. From WhatsApp tracker, internet usages to games monitoring, you can track every phone activities on your child phone.  This alone makes it the most preferred among such applications in the market. You can log in to your dashboard and see if your child has been exposed to inappropriate content.
  • Tracking location: you are in full control of where your child goes. The app gives an interactive map of your child’s whereabouts. You know when your child reaches his/her destination.
  • Checking behavioral problems: The app monitors the time your child spends on social media and other apps. And it helps you notice anything unusual and take measures accordingly. With this feature you can easily protect privacy on social media.

TiSpy also monitors the health of your child. It shows how much he/she has exercised and how much calories he burned. The app also calculates the distance he walked.

Tips to Remember

You may have full access to your child’s phone. However, as children grow, they become tech-savvy. They may learn to disable the features you have enabled. Lock your settings so that your child can never ignore it.

Use strong passwords and other mechanisms available for the purpose.

You should also be prepared to view multiple browsers on your child’s phone. Content restrictions imposed on one browser never affect another.

A new browser is a today just a few minutes away. Make sure that the TiSpy app remains active all the time. Doing this gives you an idea of all the browsers your child visits. And you can take precautionary measures accordingly.

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When installing parental control app, make sure that you have your child’s consent. Have an honest discussion and convince your children that you have their best interests in mind.


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