Pros and cons of PPC

The Pros and Cons of PPC Marketing [2021 Update]

The majority of people regards to pay per click or simply PPC marketing as the most viable option for promoting a business or a company over the internet.

The same idea can be easily confirmed through any of the best pay per click advertising company operating anywhere in the world today.

PPC is seen as the first and the foremost step towards analyzing the profitability offered by keywords before moving on towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The Pros and Cons of PPC Marketing [2021 Update] 1
The Pros and Cons of PPC Marketing [2021 Update] 4

Of course, no idea can only offer benefits without having some disadvantages as well.

In the article below, we will discuss some of the Pros and Cons of PPC to inform our readers.

Pros of PPC:

1- It offers Re-marketing Opportunities to the business

As obvious from its name, re-marketing means targeting all those people who have visited your business website at least once previously.

Re-marketing can be very easily carried out through PPC. It is a very important marketing procedure because many people do not make a buying decision as soon as they come to a website. Conversion is a slow process which can be enhanced with the help of PPC.

PPC allows reaching a prospective customer again and again and thus, providing your advertisement with a fat chance of converting the prospective buyer.

The PPC advertisement appears on a display network or within a search result.

2- It offers results that are very easily measurable

PPC results are more comprehensive as compared to the ones offered by SEO. This is because PPC platforms are more thorough in their approach.

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The data provided by these platforms offer the business an opportunity to gauge if their advertisements are successfully able to convert prospective buyers. If the conversion has been made possible, the ROI can be easily calculated by the business owner.

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PPC data also lets you know exactly what number of people viewed your advertisement. How many visitors clicked on the ad, and how many of those bought from you compelled by those ads.

3- Use of Conversion Pixels for Tracking

If you are a marketer and you have developed and implemented a PPC campaign, you would want to know which of the messages, keywords, and pages are successfully converting.

This is a rather difficult task and involves a concept known as pixel tracking.

Pixel tracking is carried out with the help of a tracking code. The tracking code is an important aspect of every PPC service allowing the user to obtain comprehensive information regarding every aspect of the campaign, and the specific elements that are affecting conversions.

4- It offers swift results

If you want to obtain swift results, then, you should prefer PPC marketing. Setting up a PPC campaign with the help of Google AdWords is very easy. But you may opt for any other channel available with differentsearch engines.

5- The method is very simple:

Create an account, create ads and then, develop a keyword that you are sure people looking for a particular product/service, will be searching over the net.

The last and the most important thing is to drive people to your required landing page.

When you have done all the above things, you can relax and see whether a user clicks on the ad that you have posted. With PPC, you will not have to wait for very long.

If you have succeeded in creating a great ad and followed each step of the PPC campaign, your site will get a rank. The resultant will be a storm of buyers coming towards your website.

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6- Affordability

Some people wrongly believe that PPC marketing is costly. However, a realistic cost and benefit analysis will reveal that it is not expensive at all. Moreover, it can offer very good ROI, which will set off your initial cost on setting up a PPC campaign.

Another great aspect of PPC marketing is that the business is not required to pay a single penny for inserting its ad within a search engine.

This is a much better option from the monetary aspect when compared to other forms of advertising that require you to make payment whether the users clicks on your ad or not.

It is your choice to either become conservative in your marketing approach or become aggressive. It simply your call, and if you have a budgeted number in mind, you are sure you will never have to pay more than you have estimated.

7- Real-Time Tracking of Advertisements

Tracking is a very important aspect of any marketing campaign. You must be sure that you are tracking the niche market with your campaign, and it successfully brings those people towards your website.

With PPC, you can track in real-time how effective your ads are. You can immediately obtain all the required information about the results obtained through your PPC keywords and messages.

You get to exactly what number of people visited your website through them, and how many of those people bought something from your website.

This real-time monitoring is not possible with other marketing channels where you get the required data at least after one month.

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Swift retrieving of results allows the business to make rapid adjustments in the campaign for better results.

Cons of PPC:

1- Complicated Means of Advertising

PPC is not a simple and easy kind of advertising. There is a lot of variables that need to be taken care of. If you overlook any one of these variables, you are going to lose your money.

The complexity of PPC operations requires that you seek professional help from experts who are good at this. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot learn PPC marketing operations. It only means that you will need to put in extra efforts to learn this phenomenon which will change your focus from your core business operations.

2- It is not free of cost

Majority of the people do not opt for PPC advertising because of this reason. Small business owners who have very little capital and even less operating income, choose SEO over PPC because of the cost implications.

If you do not adroitly handle the PPC operation, you will start losing money rapidly.


During the past few years, people have become wary of advertisements. This had led many in the industry to believe that PR may be more effective than PPC marketing.

The truth is that the age of advertising is not over; it has only lost its effectiveness.

It is still widely believed among digital marketers that PPC advertising offers the best result. The idea is to use both SEO and PPC in conjunction with each other for much better results.


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