How To Reduce App Load Time And Why Does It Matter

How To Reduce App Load Time And Why Does It Matter

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Running a technology-driven business is very challenging and rewarding as well. If you have expertise in creating and monetizing mobile applications, seeking the method to optimize and personalize these apps is a must.

Do you know why more than 25% of total mobile app users leave the app after one use? The reasons are many such as app speed, navigation error, bad user interface and many others. If your mobile app is suffering from speed issues then it is very typical to attract users towards it.

But don’t fear solutions are available for such kind of issues and help you increase your mobile app speed.

Before going to know the solutions to speed up your mobile app first know what the App load time is and why it matters most in the present competitive market?

What is App Load Time?

While designing user experience you must focus on the app load time. UX can be termed as a specific amount of time which is taken to start the app completely before initiating UI. Why said user interface? Because the interface is the medium that makes the app clickable for the end-user.

Page load time can be defined as the time taken by a page to show up on the mobile screen. It is counted from the initiation to the completion.

In recent studies, it is found that the app load time impacts the mindset of users towards downloading any app for usage. Nearly 60% of the total users get frustrated from the slower apps and nearly 25% of the users don’t engage with such types of apps due to slower load time.

People ”Prefer’ fast pages first.

Without any doubt, we can say that slower app load time always decreases the conversion rate of any app in this way it makes a big loss to your business views and profit.

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Mainly for eCommerce businesses, it is necessary to have faster load time in their mobile app to reach a good sales record every year. You should always make sure that your application is performing well and giving a faster load time to its users.

Let’s check out the suggestions and techniques you can use to increase your app load time to improve user experience and app performance:

Use a Reverse Proxy Server

While running an app through a single server, you may think upgrading or improving the ability of the machine will fix the issue of slow load time.

But it is not a long term solution because after user increases then you will again require upgrading your system.

So, it is not a cost-effective solution as well. We have seen in different cases, web apps go slow due to the single machine power that is responsible to manage many tasks at a single time.

The best solution to resolve this issue is by using a good reverse proxy server. By using this server, will help you decrease the workload of the app management on a single machine. In this manner, it will help you run your app efficiently.

Such types of server works like user responses. So offloading the machine load can increase your app speed and also help you save your machine from getting exhausted or overloaded in case of traffic increments.

Optimize Overcrowded data

With time, the app will gather a lot of data. Whether this data is useful but it also makes your app overwhelmed if not enough storage is available.

In this manner due to overwhelming data, your app will slow down and in worst cases, this will be crashed. But it doesn’t mean that we should stop collecting data from the app.

So, what is the best solution in this situation?

The best solution to fix this issue is by compressing the data received by the app.

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Data can be anything like images, audio content, and graphics related to your app. By compressing this data you can save a lot of space for your app and other data. It makes your app more functional and helps it to do its core functionality properly.

It is one of the best methods to resolve slower speed errors of an app and fix the issues. By deeply analyzing your app, you can easily fix these issues before they start damaging your system.

Use different tools available on the web and improve the speed of your app without doing a lot of hard work.

Keeping Up with App Error Logs

Many new startups in the app development domain don’t know how to maintain time-balance while launching a new program or app. forgetting an application while development can tend to lots of issues.

It is necessary to maintain your app in a good way and review every error if occurred and resolve these errors before the time. There are many programs like Papertrail are available to resolve error logs, you can choose as per your need.

Hiring an expert for doing this task is not a bad idea as they are experts of the field and expertise in fixing these issues properly.

This is a good idea to save your valuable time and money without any issue. Providing high speed and functional power in your app, you can get potential customers and make them satisfied.

Minimize App Launch Delay

In the present time, the user is very impatient. They want everything within seconds. Delay in the load time and appearance of the app before them may result in huge customer loss. This will also affect your business profit.

To cut down the unnecessary time used by rendering, layout inflation and repeat object initialization the app activities should be resident in the memory when the app is initiating in the background.

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The objects should be initiated at the time of launch. To improve the load time you need to reduce the redundant layouts integrated unnecessarily in the process.

Write Clean and Crisp Code

Your app performance depends on its coding and the framework used in its app development.

So, it is always suggested to use lighter and clean code to minimize errors as much as possible.

Use CSS, HTML, and JavaScript as the codebase and transform it into a limited number of files to optimize it in a better way. Don’t make bulky and hectic databases it will result in the slow down of your app.

There are many things you should keep in mind while coding an app.

Let check some of the key points need to be considered while coding an app:

  • Minimize memory footprints.
  • Focus on managing app permissions and optimizing security needs.
  • Accelerate launch time and improve the app performance by creating asynchronous calls for the network.
  • Remove unnecessary caching of data.
  • Reduce the unnecessary resource usage by Network/CPU etc.

Switch off Plugins

If there are too many plugins used in your application then remove them immediately as these plugins take space and decrease your app speed. Many app experts always recommend to switch off unnecessary plugins. It is the fastest and easiest way to improve the speed of your application.

Use all the above techniques to improve the speed of your app.



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