How To Manage Laser Printer

How To Manage Laser Printer Toner If It Runs Low

Sometimes toner cartridge output value is found less than predicted. The reason behind quick toner run out is not just using cheap quality ink, but can be not using appropriate techniques to when ink is running fast.

Therefore, while printing there are certain tactics paying attention to which can save a large portion of the ink and help it to print a few more pages.

Let’s know some of the easy ways to save quick toner cartridge runs out.

How To Manage Laser Printer Toner If It Runs Low 1

Reduce Output Resolution

High output resolution is the biggest culprit to waste high toner. When we buy a new printer, printer manufacturer in order to show their device quality set resolution mode at high level, i.e. it could be between 600 to 1200dpi.

This is really a high resolution and required for high professional printouts only. But in office routine printouts, it is not required.

Therefore, it’s better to change your print resolution settings to 300dpi. This will help you to print regular text in good quality and without wasting ink.

Choose Black & White Or Ecoprint Mode

Using a black and white toner is another way to save ink and keep the printer running fast. Generally, black and white printouts are famous in monochrome prints, but these results can also be obtained from a coloured printer.

Simply you just need to change settings and set grayscale printout by default. This does not mean the printer will deny coloured documents, whenever you need to change its setting to again coloured documents.

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This trick is highly beneficial when your toner is running fast. And there is a gap between the existing and upcoming order.

Turn On Saver Mode

Toner saver mode is the best companion for every laser printer. These help in saving a greater amount of ink.

This mode print pages in draft mode. When the document is not so important, this saving mode is highly advantageous to use.

It will show images and logos in the washed away pattern. As these could be visible but not as beautiful as in regular mode.

You can see a minor difference in text print quality. Which is just unnoticeable. But, you should not use toner print saver mode when high-quality photographs or greyscale images are required.

Reduce Print Density

If you are using an MFP machine, you can reduce print density to your copies document. Copies may look a little lighter than normal. Whereas higher density may increase copy density and become responsible for high toner consumption.

Keep in mind, some laser printers have density settings for printouts but not for scanning or copying the documents.

Reduce Start/Stop Cycle

If you are using a laser printer, you may observe that the printer start spinning after every printed document. Every single page starting or stopping cycle can be responsible for the slow down printer and reduce toner level.

Because every time the printer go with on/off cycle, it will consume a high ink level.

And that ink just spins between printhead and printer but do not flow on paper. Therefore, when the toner cartridge reached the last stage, switch off this mode. You can even use the last fine powder particle of the toner cartridge.

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Change Settings

Most of the printer settings can be found in printer drives. You can also press ok on the dialogue box to change printer settings. Once you are able to find settings, you can make them permanent as default settings. You can also go to the control panel and change window settings or general printer settings from MAC.

Bypass Low Ink Warning Messages

In modern printers, when the ink level reaches a minimum level, the printer starts delivering the pop-up message with low ink warning. Keep in mind, do not take these low ink warnings at the initial stage.

There is still ink present in the cartridge. These warnings run either by automatic or manual methods.

Sometimes the present toner cartridge can print 100-200 pages printout, which is high data itself. So, until you start getting faded results, do not replace a printer toner cartridge.

Use Print Preview Mode

This is the next best possibility of saving and using toner in an effective way.

Print preview helps the user to guide the actual sheet and content position.

You can know about size, alignment, and other details before wasting ink on the useless printout. Once you are 100% sure move on to get the desired print.

But if you find any discrepancy in the printed pages, go back to the actual page and set the page information. Hence, it is a proven way to save ink, time, paper and other resources.

Even if you can set this setting by default, every time you need to take a printout, the printer passes-through this window before the final print.

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Use Right Paper To Save Toner

There are different types of papers are available in the market. All these vary from one another and to be used for specific purposes only for best results.

Therefore, using the wrong type of paper is another reason for fast toner runs out. Keep in mind, every printer manufacture describe paper usage instructions in their user manual. Following them will help you to save ink.

 – Clean All Components of The Printer

Dirty printer parts can keep the toner running fast.

For example, if the print head is not cleaned, it will create trouble in running and the printer will consume more ink than normal. Dust and debris also create hurdles in smooth printing and clear results. Therefore, it is essential to keep printer internal parts clean and stay away from dust areas.

Laser printer toner are costly consumable.

Therefore, it is essential to use every drop of ink. Following the above tips will help you to solve your purpose.


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