How Often Should You Update Your Website

How Often Should You Update Your Website?

It’s all about first impressions, and you won’t want to disappoint the visitors on your website. In order to ensure that they stay on your website, you need to impress with the first glace and holds the interest until they find what they are looking for.

It is of great essence because it takes only 50 milliseconds for a visitor to get impressed with your website and stay or leave. Grab the attention of your visitors could be a challenging task since you are not the only shark in the sea, there is a massive competition in the sea.

It’s the unique nature of business and it’s a website design, that attracts customers.

Your website is the online presence of your business, and it requires to be flawless. Otherwise, it could hamper the image of your brand in the eyes of visitors.

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How Often Should You Update Your Website? 4

It is important to put the best foot forward and left no stone unturned to revamp your website. Keep it up to date would offer a swift experience to your visitors.

A non-updates website might leave the impression that the business is not updated.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss why you should update your website from time to time and how often?

Let’s first discuss the question of WHY?

There are 3 major factors that need regular updates on a website:

1. Security

Security is always a priority in both, our lives and in business.

The size of the company is irrelevant, every business needs protection from the different treats there are in the world. In the digital era, we are living in, is prone to get attacked by virus or hacked.

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There is critical information fed on your website via your website.

There are credit cards and passwords of digital bank accounts, social security numbers and more, that are possible to get hacked.

If something unfortunate like this happens with one of your clients through your website, your customers will distrust you. This would lay a great impact on your brand image. Nobody wants to get their information compromised.

In order to make websites more secure, you should choose a strong framework and platform to work on. The platform should be reliable and easy to use.

If there would be a weak foundation on which your business stands on, then it would be easier for the hacker to hack their way to the backend and slow your website as well as harm them.

Staying up-to-date would ensure the utmost security measure is taken for your website. Whatever content management system( CMS) you are using, it is essential that these programs are updated with the latest technologies.

You would be required to carefully hire a professional web development company to do the update on your website. It holds great importance because the configuration of the website also plays a significant role in the security of your website.

2. Fresh Content

Content is the king while talking about any website. There could be customers who rely on your website for the important information related to the industry it belongs to.

The updated information on your website with engaging words would benefit you to gain authority in your domain. Well-Researched and attentive writing always grasps the most attention of visitors.

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Like we have mentioned, you will only have 5 sec of the visitor’s attention to your website and it is essential that you hit the target right.

You should plan a keyword strategy while updating your website and publish relevant content on your website.

It’s all about wowing your audience while keeping the content and keywords in it fresh and trending.

Providing information in an attractive way while offering to solve every common query from your content, should be the goal of making your content strategy for the website update.

3. Design of Your Website

Now that you have mastered the content and ranking on google via it, considering changing the website designing should be the next move.

The visual appeal always holds greater importance; this is what determines if the website is easy to navigate for the customers or not.

An appealing design with enticing graphics would help visitors to get turned into customers.

The target audience should not be limited to the platform. The efficiency of your business website should be authentically appealing for both the Mobile app as well as on-site.

There it is suggested to hire a website development company to build a reactive website for you.

Whenever a visitor comes to your business website, they expect to see something unique and dynamic.

You should make sure not to bore visitors with the same design for years or months.

New graphic creatives are coming in every day expressing riveting imagery; your website should stand out with from the competition in designing aspect too while considering the target audience of your industry.

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It is not necessary to redesign the whole website when you are on the update-spree.

Many factors determine how often it is required to update your website. Few of them are:

  1. If it’s working on an out-dated technology
  2. If your website is running slow or loading pages at a slow pace.
  3. Not achieving results as per the objectives of your business.
  4. The website is not attracting the target group
  5. It’s not standing out from the crowd
  6. Clients have different expectations from your business
  7. When you have new ideas for your business websites
  8. When generating more target is the prior objective
  9. When there is a change in budget
  10. Whenever there is a market change

There could be many more reasons to update your website, but these are the above mentioned are the most common ones. The SEO and content should be updated in a minimum of a month’s duration.

How can you initiate this updating process on your website?

The updating process could be quite exhausting and complicated. It is best to consider professionals website development services.

Before choosing a web development company you should first see if they have good experience in the industry and see their previous work of the clients.

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