5 Ways to Increase the Sound Quality of Music

Have you ever heard a song that you fell for after hearing it for the very first time?

But when you decided to search for it online, the sound effect was not just the same.

You are not the only one who has been disheartened by this as many people usually complain about the low quality of music after storing them on their cell phones.

It does not have the intended effect which the listener had resonated with while listening to the original piece.

Although our smartphones are designed with the feature of producing sounds for different tasks ranging from ringtones to songs, movies, and even gaming but generally speaking, these devices are not specialized when it comes to dealing with audio.

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There are other devices that you can use to improve your music experience, such as IFI IDSD black label decks that specialize in audio transmission.

However, depending upon the quality of your phone, there are several things you can do to improve your overall music experience. 

1. Increase the streaming quality of your music app:

Perhaps one of the reasons why your music experience is not good is because your current music app is not outputting the sound as well as it possibly can.

Many apps tend to get to a lower quality setting, which will comply with limited data plans and poor mobile coverage.

However, if you are not going through such a case, you can increase the quality of the music within the app’s setting menu for a smooth audio boost.


For example, if you are utilizing the Spotify app, you should go into the Settings tab and look for “Music,” then click on the “Music Quality” and after that increase it to ‘Very high,’ which will likely increase the quality equivalent to 320kbit/s.

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iPhone users who are likely to use Apple Music should go to the Settings tab and enter “Music,” click on “Mobile Data” and ensure that the high streaming option is placed on the “On” position.

Android and Google Music users can also follow such steps in the Setting menu within their app. 

2. Check your case

Although this may look like a waste of time, it has worked for a lot of people.

Many devices have a protective casing, which generally hinders the sound effects of your phone.

Several third-party protective cases will do their job by protecting your device from physical harm but will partially cover the speakers of your device, which will affect the sound profile. Other cases may not fit as efficiently as you thought and may interfere in some way with the sound effect of your phone.

You can test this by playing a song on your cell phone.

After increasing the volume, remove the case. If you find that the sound is much clearer than before, you will likely be needing another case.

One which preferably does not cover the speakers.

3. Purchase a better quality of headphones

Although it may sound strange to you, often the headphones that come along with your new mobile phone are usually of low quality.

It might seem difficult to comprehend, but often the top smartphone manufacturers will cut costs where ever they can.

One of the ways is by packing low-quality audio gear in the set.

Hence, another simple way you can improve the music quality is by simply replacing these poor quality earphones.

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You do not have to buy the latest version of earbuds, which might cost over USD 100, but even purchasing one of decent quality will let you know the difference.

If you find that the sound quality has gotten better after you replaced your old ones, then rest assured there is nothing wrong with your cell phone. 

4. Purchase a portable DAC

On the other hand, you may be having a good set of headphones, but they do not produce the same effect through your phone.

A possible solution to this problem is by purchasing a portable DAC. The chips that drill the sound in your phone sometimes compromise when it comes to the quality of the sound.

Some factors, such as probability and energy efficiency, along with the need to portray a variety of sound types, inevitably leads to a tradeoff between sound strength and quality.

External DACs are available in different shapes and sizes and increases the sound quality to the level that the music creators may have intended to. 

5. Download an EQ app:

Although purchasing a new device that is sometimes costly and keeping it with you is a solution, but another option is to change your current phone’s output to match your taste.

Although not all the music apps have equalizer functionality, however, you can still get the job done with a top-notch EQ application.


Listening to music during our free hours is a favorite hobby for the majority of people. Yet, an alarming number of people do not have access to good quality music.

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Many people cannot experience the same quality of music on their devices, which they have heard in a live audience, and the feeling is terrible for most of us.

However, if you are a music lover like the majority of us, all you have to do is to follow the above methods to improve your overall experience.

It will likely not cost you that much since some of these methods are pretty simple and budget-friendly to follow.

The end goal is to enjoy the best quality of music without any hassle.

After all, music is the source of inspiration for many of us. It fills our soul with the required energy and motivation when the chips are down.

Many organizations also use music to enhance the productivity of their employees.

There is a world of benefits when it comes to music and this is why you deserve the best sound quality of your favorite songs.

You never know, which song makes your day and gets you inspired to do the best out there.

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