15 Best Free Online Courses & Certifications for 2021

Looking to pick up a new skill, but don’t have the time to do so?

Do you want to go back to school but need to take some classes beforehand? Or, do you not want to go to school at all, but are looking to change careers?

We’ve got the answer to all those problems: online classes!

Look at the list below of 15 Best Free Online Certifications & Courses for 2020.


Most Popular Online Courses of 2020, ranked by enrollment

Liquid Web Managed Word Press
1Learn HTMLMachine LearningIntroduction to Computer ScienceMachine Learning Engineer Nanodegree
2Learn CSSNeural Networks and Deep LearningAnalyzing and Visualizing Data with ExcelFull Stack Web Developer Nanodegree
3Learn PythonLearning How to LearnIntroduction to Computer Science and Programming Using PythonIntro to Programming Nanodegree
4Introduction to JavaScriptIntroduction to Mathematical ThinkingIELTS Academic Test PreparationData Analyst Nanodegree
5Learn JavaBitcoin and Cryptocurrency TechnologiesEnglish Grammar and StyleDeep Learning Foundation Nanodegree

The Udacity Nanodegree Program

Here are some important features that set our Nanodegree programs apart:

  • Our Nanodegree programs are built with, and valued by, industry leaders like Google, Facebook, AT&T, Salesforce, GitHub, and more.
  • Our hiring and curriculum partnerships are unique in the field, and represent one of the key benefits our students enjoy. Only at Udacity, for example, can aspiring Machine Learning Engineers learn directly from Google’s Deep Learning experts.
  • We offer beginner-to-career-track programs in everything from Android and iOS development, and Data Science and Web Development, to Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and Digital Marketing and Business Analytics.
  • We offer programs in cutting-edge emerging technologies like Virtual Reality, Self-Driving Cars, and Robotics.
  • Our students benefit from an unrivaled project review system that produces in-depth, detailed, expert project review at lightning speeds.
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Join udacity Data Analyst program today!

In summary: The nanodegree is worth in several ways:

  • The nanodegree gives you a 360 degree view of today’s front-end web development. The course starts with the obvious, what you would probably teach yourself anyway, such as HTML, css, javascript. And moves to industry’s best practices: using libraries (jquery, bootstrap), html5 and how to tackle responsive web design challenges. Of course, you can read all this up on the internet, but there is an information overload. The nanodegree teaches you what you need to know, in a condensed way, from industry experts.
  • The nanodegree addresses the unknown-unknowns. The above-mentioned 360 degree view does not only cover what you already know that should be covered (the known-unkowns) but teaches you crucial things that you probably have not yet come across: browser rendering optimization, javascript code reuse patterns and design patterns …
  • The nanodegree teaches example- and project-based. When you are finished with the program, you have built a handful of projects: This 1. gives you confidence that you can actually apply your newly acquired skills in a meaningful way, 2. The projects are blueprints for your own projects later on (if you want to develop a website for a friend, just take one of the projects from the nano-degree course and change it to your liking), 3. These projects look neat in your cv.

Keep in mind, even though a nanodegree is a solid foundation, it is up to you to make something out of it. There is far more to learn about front-end web development.


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