Why Do You Need A Domain Name?

A domain name refers to an online address that helps in getting an easy way of accessing a website’s IP address or Internet Protocol. With a domain name, the true location of a site can be located.

The IP address is instead a hard thing to remember, and thus the domain name represents that address with an easy word like format that is easier to handle.

When a user is typing a domain name in the search bar of any browser, the browser uses the connected IP address to represent the site under that IP. 

Why Do You Need A Domain Name? 1

Make the most of the services offered by a reliable web hosting company. 

When you are starting a business of your own and building a website for that purpose, you need to have your own domain name.

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Having a domain name will give you complete authority over your website and will provide you with a professional look.

You can choose your own domain name and then add an extension to it.

Make sure to select your domain name in a way so that it remains related to the content or services of your website.

You will have to search if your desired domain name is available for use, and you can perform the search on the available domain name searchers. 

Many people wonder about the benefit of getting a personal domain name with help from a reliable web hosting company. When you have an individual website, you need to make your online presence stronger to get into the public eye.


If both your business and personal emails are sent from the same domain, then you would lose the look of a professional.

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To make your business appear sophisticated, you need to have a separate business account with its proper domain name. The various benefits of using your own domain name are mentioned below. 

A domain name is searchable and unique:

If you sign up on a third party website, then you will be given a sub-domain name that would get associated with the primary domain name.

The hosting site’s domain name will be primary here, and your sub-domain name will be visible with it.

This would cause a prolonged and forgettable address for your website. However, with your own domain name, you will be able to claim your online identity.

It would be easy to remember the address, and people will easily find your website by searching the internet with your individual domain name.

Make sure you do not make your domain name too critical as it would lead to confusion, and people might forget it as well.

You should aim for a simple and relevant domain name that goes with the services of your website. 

Get authority with a domain name:

When you are hosting your content with the help of a third party blogging service on social media, it might seem unprofessional.

It would also undermine the efforts that you are giving in building the site, and people might not take you or your business seriously.

Given the fact that the third party hosting sites are often used for general blogs and various kinds of other content, you will find it challenging to establish your site as an authoritative and genuine source of information in your field.

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This is where having your own domain name will benefit you.

When you have a domain name that is only dedicated to your website, it would naturally lead to more public attraction. People will take your site seriously, and the traffic will also increase.

Coming in front of the public eye with your domain name would put you out as a strategic businessman with long term goals.

It would also help you to reach your customers and clients in a more professional way. 

Be the authority of your domain:

If you post your content on third-party platforms, then there are various risk factors associated with the process.

The hosting site of that third party platform can take down your content and even claim its ownership.

Your content will not remain your own, and thus, you will not be able to move it to any other platform.

On the other hand, when you have got your domain, you will be able to set up your website with any hosting company you want from anywhere on the globe.

The content also remains your property, and you claim ownership for it. This also gives you the freedom to shift your content to any hosting service provider you want at any time. 

These are the primary reasons that you need a domain name of your own. When you are starting your business, your plans must think long-term, and for that, you need to appear professional.

Having a domain name of your own gives you the authority on your site and helps you to get noticed by the public.

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Make sure to choose a simple, creative, and straightforward domain name that is easy to remember and catchy at the same time. 

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