How to Build an Effective Brand Image with Paid Facebook Campaigns

Have you witnessed those frequently occurring ads on the bottom of the websites and apps?

Facebook advertising targets potential facebook users with different advertisement types and positions depending on their interests, psychographics, web-action, and demographics.


Effective advertisements help to deliver eye-catching photos, valuable content, and calls to action (CTAs) that are aimed to convert your target audiences into potential customers.

In order to optimize the ads, you can use the content that grabs the attention of Facebook users.

In this article, we will look at the most effective strategies for doing Facebook advertising. Let’s get started with.

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  • Create your Facebook Business Page and Ad account
How to Build an Effective Brand Image with Paid Facebook Campaigns 1

Before launching an advertising effort, you have to make an expert Facebook business page with an unmistakable ‘About‘ section, pictures and durable marking.

Facebook promotions appear as though they are posted from your business page by making a chance to aware of the individuals about your organization and show why they ought to pick you.

You can share your business data and delegate photographs which are both educational and fascinating.

These are the essential components to incorporate when making your Facebook business page:

  1. Business data: Includes insights concerning the business offers with the goal that the users can discover the brand on the web or face to face.
  2. Profile and Cover image: Both these images should include services and products which are offered by your business. Try to select more professional images to promote, highlight and reflect your brand.
  3. Objectives: One of the most crucial elements to be included in the Facebook campaign to serve the ultimate purpose of your business.
  • Add Retargeting Pixel to your website
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How to Build an Effective Brand Image with Paid Facebook Campaigns 2
How to Build an Effective Brand Image with Paid Facebook Campaigns 7

Retargeting means showcasing to Facebook users who use to draw in with your Facebook promotions or the ones who visited your site.


So as to advance your Facebook retargeting technique, try to include the code at the backend of your webpage which is known as a pixel before starting a Facebook advertisement campaign dependent on the conduct of the individuals who visit your site and invest certain measure of energy in your website.

After installing the pixel, you can choose the type of business from the many and trigger the events as given. Recognize the most applicable events according to your business and duplicate the comparing code into the backend of your site header.

This permits the event code to stack alongside the pixel code when the page is stacking. Every event code involves the action screen so you can test the pixel by setting off the occasion on your site.

More than this, you can also set up a tracking audience for all the website visitors, visitors to any specific page or only the visitors who spend a certain amount of the time on the page.

  • Choose the appropriate Advertising Objective
How to Build an Effective Brand Image with Paid Facebook Campaigns 3

Now that you’re ready to create your Facebook ad after installing the Facebook Pixel; you are required to choose an advertising objective.

Facebook has distinguished its ad objectives into three categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion. These objectives help you to advance brand awareness by sharing the most intriguing content that connects to a particular post or article.

Getting more traffic to your Facebook page, application, site or Messenger discussion expands the brand commitment to support individuals who are obtaining your services or products.

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By utilizing Facebook’s transformation advertisements, you can give important data on your site, propel them to make a buy or become a paying customer.

  • Target the Potential Audience
How to Build an Effective Brand Image with Paid Facebook Campaigns 4

After selecting an appropriate objective, its the high time to create a targeted audience for your ads. For this, you have to decide the demographics and psychographics of the clients and pick an intended interest group around these components.

Attempt to make focus on a group of spectators for your Facebook advertisement by building up a perfect client profile utilizing psychographics and demographics; for example – age, education level, marital status, ways of managing money, leisure activities, and individual qualities.

Once you enter your audience criteria, Facebook calculates the ‘potential reach’ of your advertisements which are displayed on the audience selection screen.

Potential reach is an expected number of the dynamic individuals on Facebook on a month to month premise who match the group of spectators you characterize through the crowd focusing on determinations.

On the off chance that you select such a large number of criteria, at that point you will restrict your advertisement reach and have less group of spectators with your promotions.

On the other side that you do exclude enough criteria, at that point, the advertisement will be shown for the individuals with no enthusiasm for your business.

  • Plan your Ad Budget
How to Build an Effective Brand Image with Paid Facebook Campaigns 5

Subsequent to target the audience, ample opportunity has already past to figure out where and when you need your advertisement to be shown and the amount to pay for that arrangement.

Additionally, you have to pick on the off chance that you need your promotion shows on the mobile, desktop or both with the decision of Facebook, Instagram or different stages. Subsequent to following the advertisement execution, you can locate that one gadget that changes over superior to the next.

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The every day spending plan of your Facebook promotions is simply $5 every day and that expands your daily spending plan by expanding the number of individuals who see your advertisement.

Facebook enables you to run a consistent advertisement until your spending runs out or lets you set a beginning and completion date for the advertisement.

Select the timetable which accommodates your financial limit and guarantees enough individuals having the opportunity to tap on the advertisement before beginning with the campaign.

Summing Up

Here, we come to the end of the article. We hope you have understood the marketing tactics for your Facebook ads.

Before making your Facebook marketing tactics, set aside the effort to characterize your battle techniques and where in your business pipe can be utilized to develop your business from the promotions.

Upgrade your Facebook ads by distinguishing your focused on the crowd, expanding brand commitment with consideration and driving the individuals to your site or customer-facing facade with the change advertisements.

Till then – keep learning!

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