Top 4 Online Video Editing Tools for Web Browsers to Edit & Create Videos Online

You probably already know how important video content is. But incorporating it into a marketing strategy is not so simple as we know that it is not always feasible to download a program.

Some are expensive, others too heavy for available equipment, or even very difficult to learn.

If one of these is your case, you can opt for an online video editor.

That is, a site where you upload your videos for editing.

There are a wide variety of websites for this purpose, so how do you choose which one is best for your video editing?

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In this article, we’ll show you a list of 4 online video editor options.


One of the video editors most recommended is Wevideo. With an intuitive interface, it is easy to learn and meets basic needs well.

The great advantage is that Wevideo supports any type of file and already has a good media collection to use. In addition, it features three Edit Modes to cater for beginners and the seasoned (Storyboard, Timeline and Advanced Mode), so you can change according to your difficulty.

There is the option of using a free or paid account. The free account has a 1GB storage limit and the videos are watermarked. Already the paid account allows all the free features, and allows you to record the screen and use a kind of chroma key, the green screen.


FlexClip has basic functions for editing. Among the details of the tool is the possibility of presenting introductions ready to be customized.


That is, it allows you to easily customize video content, from trimming video to adding text, logo, music, transition and voiceover, etc. 

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Its differential is that it has a large library that has ready-to-customize templates, soundtrack songs and many interesting images, and video clips. It also supports multiple video formats and returns in ultra HD resolution.

But a registration through your Facebook account is required to access all open resources.


The Magisto is a little different from traditional publishers. This application uses artificial intelligence and automatically creates videos based on the selected style.

All you have to do is upload the clips you want to include in the finished video.

After a few minutes, you can share the finished video in social networks directly from the application, as well as access the video through synchronization in the cloud.

It’s nice that with this tool you do not need to understand a huge number of buttons and functions, everything is extremely simple.

It is worth noting separately that a number of functions in Magisto will be paid, so if you want to use the application to its full potential, you will have to costs $4.99 for a monthly subscription.


The ClipChamp is also an editor that facilitates the work of editing. It has the differential of not having a file size restriction, besides allowing you to make changes in the image quality. The free plan allows you to edit 5 videos per month.

Some of the key features include options for cropping, rotating as well as adjusting brightness, saturation and contrast. It also allows sharing on various sites like Video, Facebook, Youtube and Google Drives.

If you don’t have much editing skills yet, this editor is a great start.

In conclusion

There are many online video editor options that you can use to edit your video. Despite not having so many features, they are lightweight, require no download and easy to use. 

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As such, they are a good alternative for small editions if you do not have access to the most complex software.

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