6 Amazing Mobile Apps That Can Develop Your Child’s Creativity

Playing is obviously fun for kids. It can also be the best way to make your kids learn new things. Every time a parent is setting a new playroom for their kids, they invest a little more into their kid’s creativity as well. We look at six amazing mobile apps that can help develop your child’s creativity:

1. Happy Valley Friends

This new app for kids has 18 different activities. All of these activities are unlocked from the beginning and can be played in any order the parent or the kid likes.

We suggest that you start from the leftmost activity because the difficulty levels increases as your child gradually move on to the activities on the right.

It is more appropriate for children aged four and above. It works best without an internet connection, so your kid can use it anywhere. It also doesn’t have in-app purchases, third-party ads, or links to social networks making it more efficient for kids.

Our favorite actives in this app are the two matching activities involving fruits because they arouse the child’s curiosity every time they find new fruits they haven’t eaten before. This app helps broaden the children’s understanding of different fruits.

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creative-thinking apps for kids of all ages.

2. Farm 123

StoryToys designed this app, and it is geared towards younger children. With the help of this app, kids will learn to count from one through ten and also pick other skills like recognizing colors and animals.

The games on the app will sharpen your kid’s motor skills because it asks them to smudge, tap, and drag objects on their screen.

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It features three playing modes: Read, Games, and Autoplay. In read mode, kids can move the pages at their own pace while participating in counting activities.

In the games section, kids will find mini-games at the end of every book meant to reinforce learning. While with Autoplay, the mobile app turns pages and also counts animals for the child.

We love that the app also includes a set of recorded voice overs for eight languages, including English. These professionally recorded voice overs narrate the game instructions for the child as well as pronounce the tally as the kid counts the animals.


3. Domi Domi Listen and Guess

This is a handy yet straightforward app for young kids. It features sharp graphics, appealing color palettes, and quality audio. It also comes with a neat feature that allows the parent to mute sounds that make their kids afraid,

It features a variety of both familiar and exotic sounds that keep children engaged in sound learning. We love that the app also includes ambient sounds like the jingling of coins or rustling of paper bags.

The app also supports other languages besides English. It perfect for parents looking to introduce their kids to sounds and noises.

4. Sago Sago Music Box

This is a delightful app that will make your kid go wide-eyed. It comes with many things to discover and little interactions that will keep your kid’s curiosity itch.

Sago Sago music box will get your kid to experiment with music through some of the highly interactive scenes in the app.

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With every tap, your kid will have new objects to discover. We love that it features multitouch support because this allows the parent to play with the kid. It is best for kids aged two years and above.

5. Artie’s Magic Pencil

This app will help your child discover their inner artist by boosting their creativity. It shows kids that they can draw anything using simple shapes. Though the app uses simple images, this approach will prove useful in getting your child to see everyday items from a new and exciting perspective.

We love that this app is more about creative exploration and relaxation. It allows kids to take their time when drawing each stroke, and come back again to the drawings they make.

6. MoMoMonster Memo

In this app, the developer implements his kid’s design ideas. Jan Essig took his kid’s drawings and turned them into little monsters for this game, featuring funny and scary noises. We love that is designed by, as well as made for kids.

When your child is playing MoMoMonster, you will notice that the images in all sets, including the number and ABC monsters, have monstrous voices spoken by kids.

If you would rather the voiceover pronounces the numbers and letters normally, then you can change that. This app is available in English, Swedish, and German. It doesn’t need an internet connection to work, lacks in-app purchases, third-party ads, or links to social networks.


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