6 Smart Ways to Improve Your Home Security

If our ancestors used to sleep with open windows and kept their doors unlocked all day long, we can’t afford that. It’s because we live in a time when nothing is safe, especially our homes. That’s why we need to protect our home.

In order to protect your home, you need to improve your home security. It’s because regardless of whether you live in a house or an apartment, there’s always a way a burglar can get in it.

That’s why you need to put more effort into securing your home than just placing a security front door or fence around your yard. If you are not sure how to do that, here are several tips to help you out.

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Secure the Doors

Since doors are usually the first access point for burglars, especially in apartments, you need to secure them. If you live in an apartment, you only need to place a security front door. But, if you live in a house, then, you should secure all exterior doors.

In order to do that, you should check if their frames are strong and if the hinges are protected. If you have a mail slot on your front door, make sure no one can reach through it to unlock the door.

It’s always a good idea to reinforce your doors by installing a deadbolt, smart locks, adding a strike plate, and installing a video doorbell.

And, if you have sliding doors, you should reinforce them. You can do that by placing a window bar in the track to prevent a forced opening or installing a door or glass break sensor.

Secure the Windows

Windows are the next access point, so you should secure them, too. You can do that by installing key-operated levers or locks.

You can also secure them by installing window or glass break sensors, adding window bars, and placing window security film.

Secure the Garage

If you live in a house, the next access point of burglars is your garage. It’s because they are connected to the rest of your house via interior doors. That’s why you need to make sure your garage is burglar-proof. You can do that by:

  • Locking the front door of the garage.
  • Locking the interior doors that lead to your home.
  • Covering the garage windows (if any).
  • Installing a smart garage door opener.
  • Taking your garage opener with you, instead of leaving it in the car so burglars don’t break into your car to take it.
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Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are one of the most efficient ways to secure your house apart from locking all your doors and windows.

It’s because they make burglars think twice before breaking in since they don’t want to risk being exposed.

Having security cameras in your home will not only keep burglars away but will also enable you to watch over your home all the time from your smartphone.

Therefore, you should install outdoor cameras in outdoor areas and indoor cameras in your home and garage. Moreover, you should synchronize all your camera with the other smart devices in your home, including your phone.

In this way, you will always receive alerts whenever there’s something suspicious.

Install A Security System

Why stop at the cameras? Why not install a whole security system?

That will secure every part of your home, not just giving you a video of what’s going on in your home.

It’s because security systems protect all your doors and windows with password and alarm. If there’s unauthorized access, the alarm will sound first.

Moreover, you can install a security system with home automation. In that way, the system will connect and synchronize with all smart devices in your home, thus making managing them much easier.

Plus, you will be able to adjust your home according to your needs. For example, you can automate your lights or smart TV to turn on and off on schedules or use your phone to check if your home devices are turned off after you left your home.

Keep The Lights On

This ages-old trick has proven to be a great way to keep burglars away. Although it might not stop them, it will definitely shake their confidence on whether or not the coast is clear. If you live in a house, you should also leave the lights in your yard on to denote there’s someone inside.

We all know that our home can never be safe enough.

However, by taking the steps mentioned above will certainly increase your home security. If nothing else, you will be able to act on time if someone tries to break into your home and call the police.

And, don’t forget to add the security signs and stickers because they really work their magic.

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