5 Best Ways How to Save Your Phone Battery

We have all been in a situation where it seems like our phones just want to die on us. One minute we see that our phone battery is 60% charged, then the next minute we get that low battery notification. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient times as well. 

There are ways to deal with low battery, like carrying around portable chargers or using an iPhone charging case, but sometimes you don’t have that kind of gear on hand.

We brainstormed and researched multiple different ways that you can save battery life on your phone! 

5 Best Ways How to Save Your Phone Battery 1
Save Your Phone Battery

Turning on Power Save Mode

All smartphones have a battery save or power save mode. With iPhones, the option to turn this on pops up when they notify you that you have 20% battery or less. You do have the option to turn it on full time, however. 

Power save mode works by having your phone automatically lower screen brightness, reduce pop up notifications, lowers the amount of background activity in apps, and overall cuts the phone usage to the bare minimum that you need.

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You’ll still be able to connect to WiFi if you need, and it will still allow you to call and text message as you please.

It will just limit the functions of everything else.

Do you need the Waze app running in the background while you sit at your desk for work?

Probably not – low power mode eliminates this kind of wasteful energy use. 

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Lower Screen Brightness

One of the most common battery drainers is the screen brightness on your phone. It might not look like a lot of energy, but it really does.


Whenever you open your phone, the screen brightens up – and imagine how many times a day you are staring at your phone.

You don’t need the screen brightness running at full power at all times.

When you are sitting in your living room and there’s plenty of secondary light around, save yourself some battery life and lower the screen brightness.

It will go a long way towards preserving your phone’s battery. 


Charge Smarter

It might sound surprising, but overcharging your phone for longer than it needs to be can dramatically hurt your battery more than it helps.

5 Best Ways How to Save Your Phone Battery 3
5 Best Ways How to Save Your Phone Battery 7

It’s really common for people to plug their phone in as the last thing they do for the day before going to bed.

It might say 100% charged in the morning when you wake up, but all that extra charging actually hurt the battery. 

The lithium-ion batteries in most mobile phones degrade over time.

After about 200 discharge and recharge cycles, the battery generally runs at 80% efficiency compared to when you first purchased the phone. By overcharging it, you lower the number of cycles needed to degrade your battery life.

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This means that over time when your phone says it’s at 100% charge, it’s really significantly lower than it claims to be and will die faster than you’d expect. 

Turn Off Location Tracking on Apps

Nearly every app on your phone requests your location. For apps like Google Maps and Waze, it’s necessary.

Yet, for other apps like Facebook and Instagram, it really isn’t. On top of the privacy issues, it also drains your battery and you don’t even realize it.

5 Best Ways How to Save Your Phone Battery 5
5 Best Ways How to Save Your Phone Battery 8

Even when the apps are not actively being used, they are still running in the background, tracking your location, and storing that information. 

This drains your battery for a function that you don’t really need, especially not full-time.

If you turn off the location sharing part of those apps, you’ll quickly see the length of your battery life increase.

This is because the phone isn’t working as hard or as constantly as it usually would. 

Monitor Your Battery Usage

Your phone tracks how much battery percentage that each app you use during a day consumes. You can check your settings and realize that an app like Facebook tends to take a large portion of your battery life. 

Some apps require more power than others. One app can take 10% of your battery life in 10 minutes of use, while another only takes 5% in 20 minutes of use.

By monitoring your app usage, you can actually adjust your phone habits and use those power-draining apps less, so you can save more power for when you actually need it. 

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Final Thoughts on Saving Your Phone Battery

In today’s world, people use their phones for nearly everything. It’s arguably the most important thing in anybody’s pocket at all times.

Being reliant on power for it can be a hindrance, but managing that battery usage is key to making sure you get the most out of your phone. 

We have all been in a situation where we needed our phones for something really important and it was dead or nearly dead.

By following these simple tips, you hopefully will never be in one of those situations again!

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