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Most Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies That Generate 230% More Revenue

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There has been a constant upgrading in the marketing efforts made by the business owners and marketers to find out newer and better ways to deal with the growing demand of the market as well as their customers.


In such a scenario, it is not enough to have a carefully designed Instagram page with all of the best photos arranged in a chronological manner. That was enough to raise a considerable number of followers and business success ten years ago. Now, it is an entirely different scenario.

  • This is because now you will have an entirely different set of people to deal with who have an entirely different set of mindset and preferences.
  • You will also have to design a different set of tech content to fulfill their demands and therefore focus on your content marketing aspect as well.

Moreover, you will also need to take into account the fact that there are now thousands of social channels available for distribution.

It is because of all these demands, you now see that there is an increase in the demand for influencer marketing (you can check out this guide on landing Instagram sponsorship opportunities), earned or paid, when it comes to Instagram marketing strategies.

More authentic paid influencer marketing

Most of the businesses now go for paid influencer marketing as they think to be more authentic just like their followers.

  • In today’s marketing scenario, it is not enough to gain the desired results by only getting someone to talk about the amazing qualities of a product and pay for it. It is also required to disclose that it is an endorsement for your product.
  • There is one more significant thing to consider. Just because the influencers will need to disclose their paid relationships with a brand explicitly does not mean they cannot also enjoy the product or service and the brand they endorse truly.

In fact, according to the marketing experts like and others, it’s extremely vital that you find influencers who will actually use your product and like your brand as well while endorsing it. This is because:

  • It will, in fact, make their endorsements more authentic and real and
  • The followers will continue to trust the influencers about what they say.

Therefore, stay away from the influencers who will actually say or do anything that you wish them to only if you pay them a sufficient amount of money. Instead, you should look for the right influencers who can offer more authentic and natural endorsements with real experiences about your brand.


Set up relationship management

Whether it is with your followers or with the influencers, you should set up a relationship management team to get that edge over your competition.

Influencers, as it is, will be on their way to prove to be most valuable for your brand just as your customers. Therefore, you should treat them both similarly.

  • This means that you will need to nurture them and commit dedicated teams to them in order to manage these relationships more effectively.
  • You will need to develop more effective customer relationship management strategies through which you should focus on your outreach as well as the relationship-building efforts with your influencers.

Therefore, if you approach with your influencer marketing halfheartedly, do not expect that you will gain incredible results.

It is only when you manage your influencer marketing more carefully you will be able to compete with other brands in your specific niche as well as attract the best and most effective influencers to talk about your product and endorse it to their as well as your followers.

Focus on qualitative and quantitative measurements

No matter what, you should always measure the quantum of success with your Instagram marketing efforts, both quantitatively and more qualitatively.

  • This is a very important approach to follow to measure your ROI in the best way.
  • This is also critical for ensuring a more performance-driven influencer marketing.

This will allow you to better evaluate whether or not your influencer is being successfully able to boost your brand or product.

However, it is not enough to examine the hard numbers alone, though it is one of the most significant ways to determine the efficiency of your Instagram marketing efforts.


This is because you will see that most of the times it is quite difficult to dedicate a specific number to how many people your efforts could actually reach out to.

That is why, it is a far better approach to identify the efforts of the influencer speaking to a large section of the crowd and used it as your parameter that will help you to determine the benefit provided to the brand.

Experts in Instagram marketing say that identifying both quantitative and qualitative measurements is important because it will help in a lot of different ways when you proceed further with your efforts such as:

  • Earning links from other influencers
  • Picking up your content more easily by those influencers
  • Turning those influencers into your brand advocates
  • Generating more leads
  • Forming better and more effective partnerships and much more.

In the past, companies used to consider common metrics such as the traffic count and the number of views. However, as technology advanced, teams now need to look more into the benefits of influencer marketing.

This will enable them to measure the success of their Instagram marketing campaigns more accurately and also use these analytical reports to improve their marketing strategies.

And finally,

When you think of a strategy, think long-term. Even if you consider taking up influencer marketing for your business, make sure that you do not use one influencer and move on to another immediately when you get or even do not get the desired results.

Remember, staying committed is the best and most effective way to build relationships with your influencers or your customers as well.

One-off opportunities will not get your brand noticed and will not differentiate it from your competition, even though you may see a short-term success.

All you want in the end is that your customers and influencers returning to you and not to your competitors.

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