Top 5 SEO Tools That Every Digital Marketer Should Know About

Are you tired of using run of the mill SEO tools that don’t give satisfactory results?

With the immensely growing popularity of digital marketing, SEO executives and professionals, seo agency are trying to meet the business needs.

With overflowing projects and bulk assignments, it gets tough to manage all and that too while keeping the quality of the work maintained.

SEO tools can be of great assistance in managing all these tasks.

But not every tool is equally helpful. Here are the top 5 SEO tools that every digital marketer can use.

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These tools are considered best on the basis of tasks they help out with, user experience, and the cost of operating these tools.

1. BuzzSumo

If you are tired of looking for the prospects for your blogger outreach campaigns, then BuzzSumo is the perfect tool for you.

BuzzSumo can help out with measuring the social presence, influencer identification, and social reporting for your brand.

The analysis is based upon the measurements of your campaign’s performance and the mentions of your brand.

The software has a database of bloggers and content creators which can be outreached for collaborations. And surprisingly, all of this is available at a starting price of $99 per month.


2. MOZBar

A quick and easy method to determine the quality of a blog is the measure of its domain authority.

For this reason, MOZ has been the most preferred SEO tool amongst digital marketers and SEO companies.

Ashley from, explains that MOZBar is the new upgraded tool that eases out the task of analyzing any blog.

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With a screen top bar, you can easily access the information for the landing page, including DA, PA, and Spam Score. For these basic metrics, MOZ offers the tool for free and charges for additional features.

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3. Traackr

The name itself is self-explanatory to what this tool is meant for. The developers describe the tool as an influencer management platform that helps with the identification of the influencers in any niche.

The tool offers a variety of filters to sort out the desired bloggers. Moreover, you can track the existing conversations and import your contacts to the tool.

Simply stated, the tool offers a complete track of all of your blogger outreach efforts along with providing alerts and reminders for further communication.

4. Ahrefs

Being a digital marketer, it is almost impossible to be unaware of ahrefs’ existence. This is the only tool that competes with MOZ and provides accurate measurements for blogs and prospective leads.

Almost all the leading digital marketing companies including OutreachMonks blogger outreach agency, make use of ahrefs in the development of their marketing strategies. You can use it sort out your prospects, as well as find new prospects for link building and blogger outreach purposes.

5. HootSuite

This is the only tool in the list which is dedicated to social media marketing (SMM). The tool keeps track of all the activities of your social media profiles.

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You can manage and schedule your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and others alike. Simply put, you can manage all of your social media accounts in a single window.

With the help of these tools, you are sure to gain more returns out of your marketing efforts.

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