How to Download and Install AVG AntiVirus

Any device needs antivirus protection because the built-in system protection does not correspond to practical solutions.

Hundreds of millions of people around the world use free antivirus software, and the best antivirus among them is AVG Antivirus.

Thanks to excellent web security tools and a wide range of functions, including blocking attempts to monitor via a webcam, AVG provides reliable protection, and the paid version goes to a new level of security.

What are the benefits of this antivirus, and why is it worth installing it?

We will give answers to these questions in our article.

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AVG Antivirus Installation Benefits

As mentioned, the main version of AVG Antivirus is free and has excellent functionality.

This is the first feature that sets it apart from similar services. To reliably protect your computer, it is not necessary to pay money.

It’s okay, but we will devote the central part of the attention to technical characteristics because it affects the overall impression.

1. General safety

According to the results of testing antivirus programs, AVG Antivirus takes leading places. AVG detected 97 percent of the threats and cleaned them. Due to AV-test, he received high scores in many ways.

These are excellent results for free software.


It can not be called the best, because it is ahead of McAfee, Kaspersky, and BitDefender, but among the open segment, it is worthy of the first positions.

The new versions have enhanced privacy protection.

This segment detects files that contain confidential information about users and provides the ability to “protect” access to these files from unauthorized programs and unauthorized persons.

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2. Protection of payments and email from scammers

It also concerns security, but we would like to highlight this item separately. Company products check your email for all kinds of spam, which may be fraudulent software.

If AVG detects that the website you visit to make a purchase is suspicious, it will notify you immediately and help protect your personal information and password.

3. Ransomware firewall

AVG is not only antivirus tools.

The company also provides an advanced firewall that prevents any suspicious activity and traffic from accessing your computer or device.

Protection from ransomware includes regular scanning and a particular folder for encrypting information, where you can store all your most important files, photos and much more, to make sure that no one can steal them.

You can even choose which programs can make changes to these files.

4. Webcam protection

Another interesting feature is the webcam protection, which blocks access for any curious user to the webcam on your computer or other devices, preventing you from spying on you.

Hackers can use cameras to steal your personal information or even illegally take you to your house.

Therefore you need to be careful and protect even such a simple tool.

5. Protecting Internet activity

AVG Web TuneUp offers the Do Not Track component, which checks every visited page and blocks tracking elements.

By default, the function is disabled, but it is recommended to activate it. In this case, AVG will block all trackers.

The Browser Cleaner function monitors activity data on the Internet, for example, browsing history, saved autocomplete data, cookies, and allows you to delete them in one click. It is very convenient and practical.

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6. AVG Antivirus improves computer productivity

While other antiviruses can slow down your computer, AVG, on the contrary, improves its performance.

Programs that consume a lot of resources and are rarely used, the special plug-in immerses into sleep mode, which reduces the load on the system.

As a result, the computer runs faster and without delays.

7. Ease of use and installation

Simplicity, of course, plays an important role when using an antivirus.

AVG has a simple and intuitive interface.

The main screen has five tabs that alert you to how protected each area of ​​the computer is. One-click on the Scan Computer button tells the program to scan your system, or you can choose one of six types of scans.

Install and configure antivirus

Installation is as simple as general use of the program.

  1. The first step is to remove the previous antivirus, as there may be errors in the work.
  2. Next, download software from the official site.
  3. Run the file and click “Continue“.
  4. In the next window, select “Basic Protection“.

Wait for the installation of the file and proceed to the settings.

Settings also do not require special skills and efforts.

  • After installation, the antivirus immediately becomes to protect your computer and is updated automatically.
  • To open additional settings, click the Options button in the upper right corner of the program window.
  • In the menu that appears, you can run a scan, update antivirus databases, go to virus information and buy a paid version.
  • There is also an item “Advanced Options.”
  • At this point, there are sections Computer protection, Email protection, Security when browsing sites, and Identity Protection are responsible for the protection components.
  • Initially, they set the optimal parameters to be effective against viruses. If you wish, you can add some settings or, conversely, delete.
  • The more parameters are used, the more effective will be checking, but such a scan will take much more time and resources.
  • And the fewer parameters are selected, the faster the test will pass; however, reliability will decrease.
  • In the “Schedules” item, you can configure the schedule according to which AVG Antivirus Free will scan a computer, update antivirus databases and the program.
  • There are no more special settings, and this is another advantage of the antivirus.
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If you are looking for a simple and powerful antivirus, then AVG Antivirus will be the best solution.

It does not require unnecessary expenses and reliably protects your computer from any viruses and attacks.

It worthily occupies a leading position among similar antiviruses and need to be installed.

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