3 Things You Need to Know if You Want to be an IT Support Technician!

As the demand for Managed IT Services continues to rise, the interest in the industry and the people who work within it rise along with the demand.

More and more businesses, especially startups and small and medium-sized enterprises or SMEs, are recognizing the value of having a sound IT infrastructure automating and simplifying their business processes.

Apart from acquiring IT solutions for their business operations, owners are also making an effort to understand what an IT support does and how they can make full use of its potential.

 So what exactly does an IT support do?

IT Support

IT support is a broad and encompassing term that people use to refer to individuals who provide assistance in various disciplines that involve the use of computing and networking systems.

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Some even use the term to describe call center agents, client support representatives and help desk agents.

In the context of this article, however, the term IT support is used to define the services and personnel in the managed services provider or MSP industry.


Also known as technical support specialists, their work may also include the configuration, the updating and maintenance of an organization’s IT system. 

An IT support may work within just one organization as an in-house IT specialist or the “IT guy,” or may be one of the many experts that are employed by an MSP to provide third-party IT solutions to businesses and other organizations that require computing and networking solutions.

Main Responsibilities

As mentioned earlier, the main responsibilities IT support specialists is to oversee everything that involves the computing and networking systems within an organization.


They conduct regular system checks and evaluations to ensure that the system is working and operating efficiently.

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IT support personnel are called upon whenever computer issues and glitches arise and they are expected to resolve such issues to reduce or prevent system downtimes altogether.

Depending on the expertise of the IT support, they may also be tasked to oversee the maintenance and repair of portable devices, CCTVs and computer peripherals such as printers, and audio and video devices.

  • Among the other responsibilities of IT support include the following:
  • Conducting regular software updates and patch installation.
  • Providing assistance to staff who are assigned to use computer terminals.
  • Setting up company user accounts for staff.
  • Troubleshooting applications.
  • Repair or replacement of computer or networking hardware.
  • Conducting security checks on systems.
  • Scanning for viruses, Trojans and malware.
  • Conducting safety checks on electrical systems.
  • Training of newly-hired IT personnel.

IT Specialists in MSPs

The roles and tasks of an IT support does not vary that much even if he works for an MSP.

The skills and expertise of a technical support specialist are still utilized in the same way, with exception to the fact that the specialist uses it to oversee tasks that clients outsource to the MSPs .

While MSP IT support specialists mainly work on the company’s servers, they may also be called upon to make calls to run diagnostics, and conduct maintenance and system checks on the client’s on-site computer and networking systems.

Since anything referred to as “IT” can mean anything that is connected with computers and networking, IT specialists are expected and usually have the skills to perform other computing tasks.

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It is no wonder then why IT support specialists are in such high demand.

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