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[Cheat-Sheet] How To Make A Mobile-Friendly Website

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What Does a Mobile Friendly Website Look Like?

Ten years ago, it was impressive for a business to have a website.

Today, companies of all sizes and types are expected to have an interactive web presence that is accessible via computers or mobile devices.

Discover the importance of having a site that is easily navigable from both computers and mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

Helping the Business and Its Valued Customers

Processes must be implemented to help a business and its valued customers by harnessing the power of the most modern technologies.

A custom-developed web application should be designed to manage essential functions and processes for the business so it can gain the benefits from either a computer or mobile device.

Professional services such as help develop these applications to benefit companies, and their clients gain easy access to what they need in real-time.

The Power of Being Everywhere

Just a few years ago, most people visited sites via a desktop or laptop computer, and websites were configured accordingly.

From 2017 to the present, mobile accounts for around half the web traffic around the globe.

With half the users visiting sites from a tablet or smartphone, websites must be mobile-friendly to ensure they reach everyone using the Internet from anywhere.

How to Find Out of a Site is Mobile-Friendly

Most sites are designed to appear on the screen of a laptop or desktop computer, and visiting the site proves it works.

[Cheat-Sheet] How To Make A Website Mobile Friendly
How To Make A Website Mobile Friendly

However, that does not mean the site pages will look right on any size screen.

Google recommends conducting a quick mobile-friendly test online to determine how a site looks to tablet and smartphone users. 

The Best of Both Worlds

Once a site owner recognizes the need to update the design, it’s time to realize the benefit of this investment of time and money.

Sites need to capture the best traffic from both worlds to remain competitive and profitable in a competitive online marketplace.

Missing out on mobile traffic often means losing local businesses and clients who are on-the-go and ready to make a purchase now.

Making the Transition

Fortunately, professional services make the transition quick and affordable for companies looking to capture traffic from computer users and people who use mobile devices.

Choose a company that understands the importance of upgrading a site to ensure it is accessible via a computer or mobile device.

And this level of convenience should apply to in-house access to the website for making updates, posting blogs, and more from any device and location.

Custom Application Software

From large corporations to startup companies, custom web/mobile application software, database management system, and business workflow systems can be automated in the cloud.

As a result, all information is safely stored and accessible from any device and place.

And, responsive software works with any device and platform, including computers and smartphones.

People can connect from any device and location, regardless of weather and other external conditions.

Leave Old Methods Behind

From paper records to an HTML website that can only be viewed from a computer, it’s time to leave old-fashioned methods of doing business behind.

Going paperless is the wave of the future as people maintain everything from bill payments to websites from all types of devices.

Companies must embrace cutting-edge technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

Take a few minutes now to determine if your business practices are modernized and ready to reach out effectively to the tech-savvy consumers of today and tomorrow.

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