7 Common Content Marketing Mistakes That Reduce Conversion Rate

Content marketing mistakes we see time and time again

Content marketing is one of the most important elements which influences an online business’ success.

Any marketer knows how crucial it is to bring visitors to his website. Thus, one of the indicators which are constantly analyzed is the conversion rate.

In general, the average conversion rate goes between 1% and 5% being influenced by a variety of factors like the niche you are operating, average customer, or type of conversion you are targeting.

Unfortunately, there are many cases when you can sabotage yourself and reduce your conversion rate with poor content marketing.

Keep reading this article and learn about the biggest content marketing mistakes which can destroy your conversion rate.

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Common Content Marketing Mistakes that Reduce Conversion Rate

Common website Conversion Mistakes

Focus on text more than necessary

Many marketers focus on text when they create their marketing strategy, as they consider it to be the most popular type of content. While this is perfectly true, content marketing can take other forms as well.

One of the most common mistakes that reduce the conversion rate is producing content without combining it with visuals.

Most readers react better to visuals than to written content.

Moreover, people don’t have too much time nowadays.

Thus, they will have a more positive reaction to a visual illustration that summarizes the main points of your content, rather than reading a long text.


Make it a rule that you shouldn’t forget to combine text with relevant images.

Your site lacks optimization

If your website has a low conversion rate, one of the areas you should check is its SEO.

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Do you want your website to appear higher in the search engines?

Then, you will need to include relevant keywords in your content.

When people don’t find on your website what they expect, then your conversion rate will drop dramatically.

Besides, you should take into account that Google shows the most relevant content when people search online.

Thus, you will need keywords to appear as high as possible in Google or other search engines.

Finding the right keywords and including them naturally to your webpage is part science, part art.

This is something top academic writing websites are good at, for example. Having teams of professional authors who can write on almost any topic, they have learned to incorporate keywords in their texts the way search engines and visitors like.

You can check it out yourself. Just type in any search query related to writing tips or essays and you’ll probably see many services among the top results.   

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Your content isn’t persuasive

When you want your content to improve your website’s conversion rate, you will need to produce content which is well written, without errors, emotional, informative, descriptive, and persuasive.

One of the areas where you should put more efforts is persuasion.

You can influence your buyer’s decision by creating authority, scarcity, reciprocity, commitment, social proof, and liking.

Try to include words with powerful meanings and action words in your content, and you will stimulate emotion and inspire your buyers to keep reading your content.

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You don’t have a clear call to action

One of the most frequent questions each marketer should ask himself is whether they have created a clear and visible call to action.

If you fail to reply to this question, then one of the most obvious effects you will experience is a low conversion rate.

In addition, even though calls to action are important, it is very important to keep a single and clear CTA.

Thus, visitors will understand immediately what they have to do. What is more, a visible and efficient call to action does not only mean good content, but also design.

Therefore, when you should the design and colors for your CTA, you should take into consideration the elements that make your target audience click and do exactly what you ask them to do.

Results don’t come overnight

It’s very easy to fall into content marketing mistakes which can affect your conversion rate.

Follow the steps mentioned above and ensure your business’ success.

Moreover, you will need perseverance and proper planning for these strategies to work.

Even though they are very efficient, they don’t give results overnight.

Therefore, it is always better to follow the steps above before you launch your website.

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