How to Take Back Your Digital Identity

Identity theft has become a number one concern for both susceptible web surfers and lawyers in our internet-driven world.

Most of us have several internet accounts across many sites, all of which have our personal information registered.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to remain completely without risk every time you open a new online account.

Even if an app just knows your birthday and email address, sometimes that’s all it can take for a hacker to steal your identity.

If you find yourself with a stolen online identity, you can dig yourself out of trouble faster with help from a legal team.

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Here’s how to saddle up with legal representation if you’re dealing with identity theft:

How to Take Back Your Digital Identity 1

Find the Right Lawyer

There are a lot of lawyers out there that can help you win your case, but not every lawyer is equipped with the tools to fight identity theft.

This means that you need to do a bit of research in order to find the lawyer that’s suited to deal with internet scams and hackers.

For instance, if you are in Australia and your identity has been stolen, searching terms like “lawyers Busselton” might narrow your search, but “identify theft lawyers in Busselton” is more specific.

Ask questions about their experience dealing with hackers and learn more about some of their previously won cases.


Prepare to Go to Court

If the perpetrator is caught and charged with a crime, it’s time to go to court. You might be nervous, but your lawyer will be there to help you get clarity on what to expect in court.

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Generally, court cases of identity theft involve the victim suing the thief for damages they obtained through the identity theft.

While court appearances are nerve-wracking, you should feel better knowing that this isn’t about something you did wrong: it’s about gaining your compensation.  

Your lawyer will discuss with you whether suing is the best option, or if there is another way that you can settle.

Sometimes identify theft can be considered a misdemeanor, while other times it is a felony.

They will know best, and can decide whether a trial is worth the time and expense.

To prepare for your case, gather anything that could potentially be considered evidence.

Your lawyer will use evidence of suspicious activity from already opened accounts, any transactions not made by you on your bank account, and any emails to fight for you in court.

Getting Your Identity Back

With all the evidence gathered, the briefs all checked and double checked, and the court date coming up in a few hours, it’s time to fight.

Being in court is easy once your lawyer has gotten every settled for you. You simply need to show up, dress professionally, and say what needs to be said.

In most cases where the perpetrator is found guilty, they may be fined or imprisoned (again depending on many factors).

You may be compensated for the damages that you have sustained due to the theft. Your lawyer will likely take a fair cut of your compensation.

It’s worth finding a lawyer who works on a “no-win-no-fee” basis in case you don’t win your case.

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You’re Back! Now What?

After you’ve got justice for your identity theft, the most important thing to do is to take precautionary measures to ensure that your data is not stolen again.

It’s best if you change your passwords – or maybe even open completely new online accounts and even bank accounts.

Let your new bank and other companies know about your previous data hacks so they can be extra vigilant of odd activity on your accounts.

You should also install identity protection software if you have not already. ID theft isn’t pleasant for anyone, especially when your hard-earned cash and even your reputation are at risk.

However, legal representation is the surest way to receive compensation following an identity theft incident.

Don’t feel like you have to fight against a hacker alone – a local lawyer can help you fight for justice.

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