How Technology Help Fans and Players During ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Technology is now a part of daily life for many people. It has caused an enormous change in many spheres of human activity with sport being no exception.

Most professional sports are benefitting from the changes that technology has brought with cricket being an early adopter of systems that assist with ensuring that umpiring decisions are correct.

First CWC match May 30th   

The Cricket World Cup matches start on May 30th at the Oval in London when the England team will face South Africa. Technology will play an important part in that match and all the others that are to follow in the competition.

From tracking the exact movement of a ball using cutting-edge bat sensor technology, calculating the speed at which a pace bowler is bowling, allowing the third umpire to adjudicate on LBW decisions, stumpings, and run-outs, and ensuring that spectators can follow, track and even bet on their preferred teams; technology has made it possible to do many things never possible before.

Pitch analysis

It’s worth remembering that not every innovation you’ll see at this year’s Cricket World Cup will have been announced just yet – there’s likely to be more to come as the start day gets closer.

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However, looking back to one of the most recent ICC tournaments (the 2017 Championships) reveals a few insights.

Drone pitch analysis was one of the big announcements at that event: an Intel Falcon 8 Drone was used by authorities there to check everything using infrared cameras, which in turn fed into the commentary on everything from grass quality to landforms.

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Bat sensors

Bat sensors sound like something futuristic – and, in many ways, they are. “If the technology is available to enhance and amplify the cricket experience, we have shown over the years a real willingness to trial and support it,” says Dave Richardson, who, as the ICC’s Chief Executive, is responsible for many such innovations in the sport.

Bat sensors are a prime example of this in action: they can trace everything from the tip of the bat’s back lift to the velocity at which the bat moves when it comes into contact with the ball.

Betting and spectating

Moving away from on-pitch tech, it’s also clear that innovations in the gambling space are going to give bettors a chance to improve their gambling experience.


Online betting is already popular for cricket, but the sheer number of bookmakers who will have Internet-based offers available this year is likely to make it the most popular year ever for placing your bets online.

Social Media

And, of course, no Guide to Cricket WC 2019 would be complete without exploring the world of social media and how it is likely to shape the outcome of the event.

It’s likely that the major teams in the tournament will continue to entice and encourage fans by posting clips of top bowlers, major statistics, headshots of players, and much more.

The commenting and sharing functions of the major social sites, meanwhile, will give fans the chance to connect with each other and act to bring together fan bases across the country and beyond.

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The Cricket World Cup has been held since 1975, but this is probably the most technologically-savvy edition of them all.

From pitch analysis using drones and other cutting-edge tools to social media, there are many ways in which tech looks set to transform the cricket experience for umpires, players and fans alike at this year’s tournament.

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