This AI Can Predict Your Personality Type Simply by Watching Your Eyes

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Almost everybody has come across personality tests. They come in various forms, whether we’re talking about quizzes or pre-employment assessments like

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Nonetheless, the evolution of technology takes no rest. It’s continuously progressing, and thanks to that, artificial intelligence has evolved too. The coolest thing revealed by an experiment is that AI is able to know what kind of person you are by just looking at your eyes. But how is that even possible? Let us explain this below.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Know Your Personality Just by Looking at Your Eyes?

It’s always said that the eyes represent the window of the soul, so it’s not really such a big surprise that eyes alone are enough to reveal a lot about a person. Many times, eyes reveal what we’re actually feeling in many situations, even if we lie with our mouth.

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Well, there’s more to your eyes than just revealing emotion. Apparently, the way your eyes move in certain situations could show some personality traits. When doing particular tasks, our eyes tend to move around in different ways and at different speeds. This could be taken as a reaction to the things we’re encountering, which is why these movements are so effective in revealing personality characteristics. Therefore, these algorithms can identify four of the Big Five traits in people by just looking into your eyes.


The Experiment

One experiment was conducted to reveal if artificial intelligence is indeed capable of revealing so many things. Basically, researchers have done this by giving study participants, in a number of 42, eye-tracking headsets. Afterward, the participants were told to conduct various tasks, and one of them was to go into a store and purchase something.

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While this was happening, the algorithms were able to analyze the eye movements of the 42 subjects and predict their personalities. In the end, the researchers compared the results of the analysis with the personality questionnaires filled out by the participants.

Apparently, artificial intelligence was far more effective in revealing the true personality of the individual compared to the paper tests.

How Can This Help?

This analysis is helpful because it shows human-robot interactions can be improved. While the robots that exist today have their advantages, they are not socially aware. Therefore, they’re unable to be natural and have good social interactions.

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Now that the effectiveness of AI has surfaced in this regard, this could help develop better robots that will have personalized services.  

Final Thoughts

The way we visually behave has a lot to do with our personalities. There’s no news here. According to psychologists, people who are more curious look around more frequently, and so on. That being said, it’s even more interesting how something as trivial as eye movement can reveal a lot about us.

If used correctly, this discovery can help humanity a lot in the future. It can determine the capability of one person in certain aspects but it can also help improve robots.

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  • Apparently, artificial intelligence was far more effective in revealing the true personality of the individual compared to the paper tests.