11 Quick Tips To Optimize Your PPC Campaign

New to PPC or just need some tips to take you to the next level?

Some people have been struggling away with PPC Campaigns for years without making much of an impact.

If that’s the case for you, then you’re in the right place.

This article is for you.

It might be time you took a new look at your strategy to start making the most of things.

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A lot of your success with your online venture will come down to the tactics and techniques you put in place.

It’s never too late to learn new skills, especially in internet marketing. Things change all the time.

What worked one year for a while might not work anymore.

So if you want to explode your sales online and increase your ROI from PPC, where should you start?

Let’s have a look…


Use the right ad copy

Too many PPC marketers make the huge mistake of trying to trick people to click on their ads with broad statements.

That might work well in general marketing where you want as many people to click through as possible, but it’s NOT the right way to go about a PPC campaign.

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That’s because every time someone clicks on your ad, you’re paying money.

While broad statements that entice a lot of people can sometimes be a good idea in other types of marketing, it’s a mistake with PPC.

You want as many of those who you pay to click to end up spending money on your site.

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That means you need copy that at least hints to what you’re offering and makes it clear to those who are looking for something different that they don’t need to click.

Conversion rates are important, and your ad copy will make a difference here.

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You want the highest percentage of people who click through to convert to a sale so that you aren’t wasting as much on advertising services.

That’s one of the most important metrics in PPC, what you pay per click compared to what a click gains you on average, and it starts with the right ad copy.

If you want to know more about how to tweak your PPC campaign copy, you can find plenty of info online.

Find the best budget keywords

Before you even think about ad copy, you need to do the right keyword research.

This isn’t an area you should skip or leave to an afterthought, it’s often the foundation of a good PPC campaign.

You need to drill down on a number of different keyword options before you decide which few to go for.

It’s a good idea to try and find the sweet spot between competition, search volume, and price.

11 Quick Tips To Optimize Your PPC Campaign 111 Quick Tips To Optimize Your PPC Campaign 3SEMrush

You want PPC keywords that don’t cost you too much, but you’ll want them to be for terms enough people are searching for each month.

When you start out, you can test a few different alternatives before you get rid of the ones that aren’t working and spend more on the ones that are.

Test alternatives

As we’ve just looked at, you need to start testing alternatives to see which ones work for you.

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That starts with testing which sort of keywords works well.

You can start with smaller budgets for different keywords, then when you’ve got a bit more data you can drop the campaigns that aren’t working and spend more on the ones that are.

You also want to test different ad copy options as well as different landing pages.

Don’t forget that what people see after they click on your ad is as important as the ad itself.

So you need to make sure you’ve got the best landing pages, sales copy, and funnels that work for you.

Try a few alternatives, do A/B testing, and only go forward with ones that really work.

Make sure your offer has clear benefits

When someone has clicked through onto your sales page, you don’t want them to be guessing what the benefits are for them.

Make them clear.

Sell your product or service effectively.

Make sure people know exactly why they should be spending money on your site, and the benefits they’ll get from it.

Keep your calls to action clear and above the fold

Far too many people hide the calls-to-action.

This is a big mistake.

You opt-in panel or sales page should be clear and above the fold at all times. Don’t make people get lost on distractions.

You can try using opt-in panels to keep it above the fold at all times.

Use the right popups

Pop-ups can be useful in PPC campaigns but use them wisely. There’s a fine line between helpful and spammy.

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Try exit pop-ups rather than entry ones as a last attempt to make a sale when someone is already leaving.

Make your offer time-sensitive

Make your offers seem like you have to act now. Don’t let people click away with the idea of coming back later. They might not.

Use testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to build trust and show that your product really works for other real people. People like to see them, and it makes them more likely to spend.

Offer value (maybe for free)

Try free reports or offers to get people interested. Then make the sale after that with a follow-up email.

Find out exactly what your customers want

Create buyer personas to help you see things from people’s perspective. Use CRM software to analyze how people are interacting with your site. Get an idea of what works for you and your customers and what doesn’t.

Create an experience just for them

When you know what your customers want, you’ll be able to fine-tune your offer so that it works for them.

Take a step-by-step walk through what a visitor has to do on your site, and get rid of any problems or distractions.

Make sure you’ve built the best funnel from start to finish to try and maximize sales.

That’s how you master your PPC campaigns

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