4 Facts About Mobile Phone Insurance You Should Know Before It’s Too Late

Cellphones are very essential, wireless technology devices that have made human life much easier and more convenient.

To many of us, cellphones have become closest to our hearts and we usually carry them with us almost everywhere.

However, these devices can get damaged, defected, lost or stolen at any particular time. But then, cellphone insurance was introduced to provide cover for some unexpected happenings.

The problem is, there are some unforeseen facts about cellphone insurance that you probably didn’t know about.

But that will change in a moment. Please read on.

Limit of the Number of Claims

Almost all cellphone insurance providers have a limit of the number of claims you can file in a year, with the majority ranging between 1 and 2.

This can be a big problem for you if your work environment is accident-prone, yet you’re actually the one who needs this insurance the most.

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However, this can be okay for you if you anticipate encountering minimal risks that could damage or defect your device.

You can learn more about this and other important considerations to determine if it’ll be worth it.  

Need To Pay a Deductible

Most consumers are often hit by surprise when they find out that they’re required to first pay a deductible before they’re paid their claim.

But cellphone insurance works almost the same way as several other types of insurance who would require their customers to pay for deductibles before any claims are paid out by the insurer.

Here, what you’ll be required to pay depends on your service carrier and, of course, the type of cellphone you’ve insured.  

Won’t Always Replace Your Cellphone

Most cellphone insurance plans do not include any kind of damage or loss. Therefore, ensure to check the coverage of the plan in question before signing up for one.

This way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether it’ll be worth to sign up or not, after completely understanding what’s covered by the plan and what’s not.

Image result for on’t Always Replace Your Cellphone

Plus, it will help you avoid unnecessary surprises later on when you’ll be filing your claim.

Most plans do not include phones that are lost or stolen in their coverage.

In most instances, defects and damages are the most common claims paid out.

If you’re working in a construction firm or any other place where there’s a high probability of damaging your phone, taking the insurance can be worth it.

Phone May Not be of the Same Quality

When taking cellphone insurance, you could probably be expecting to be given the same model should you need a replacement after filing the claim, right? Well, this may not be the case.

In order to meet their obligation under the policy terms, cellphone insurance companies are usually required to only provide a device that’s comparable to what you had, provided it’s a state-of-the-art device.

This means that you may end up going home with a device that’s totally different from the model and brand you had before.


The decision of whether or not to invest in cellphone insurance can be a challenging one, especially when you hardly damage your device.

However, there are circumstances that make it worth to have the insurance.

It’s, therefore, important to understand exactly how cellphone insurance works, its pros and cons, and how it can benefit you before signing up.

You can also refer to other relevant blogs for more general tech news. All the best!

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