5 SEO Benefits of Podcasting & How to Start It

Being a guest on a podcast is literally one of the most powerful SEO tactics you can use to boost your SEO rankings and build your reputation and brand.

If done strategically, it can be one of the best SEO and content marketing strategies you can use to help your rankings and attract new customers.

So, don’t just give an interview on a podcast without using that interview as an SEO and brand-building strategy. Here’s how.

Podcasting and SEO

Just like any other type of content, podcasting offers a way for you to share your expertise with possible customers. It provides you with the opportunity to create new pages that talk about your podcast. It also presents new content you can use to reach out to a variety of websites and new email marketing points to help draw visitors to your site.

Even if you only have a few people listening to your show and they don’t become customers, you are still able to create positive relationships that help to establish brand awareness.

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This is especially true since podcasts give you the ability to partner with hosting and distribution networks where users are able to find your content without any prior knowledge for your brand, even on mobile devices. Unfortunately, this is a benefit that isn’t quantifiable.

Pitch To Strong Podcasts for Maximum SEO Benefit

When you are deciding which podcast to be a guest on, look for podcasts with a lot of subscribers and hosts who do a good job promoting their show.

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Drop the word “podcast” plus your keywords to see if the podcast ranks well for those terms. Podcasts that are popular with the public and the search engines are your goal.

Make a list of topic areas you can cover during your interviews. Make the list broad enough so you can talk about topics that will reach and resonate with a broad targeted audience.

5 SEO Benefits of Podcasting & How to Start It 1

Make sure you guest on podcasts where your target audience listens and wants to hear the information you have to share. Open your mind a little. Not every show you get interviewed on has to be directly related to your niche.


As an example, if you’re an SEO, don’t discount a podcast that’s for restaurant owners. You could talk about how restaurants can optimize their Google My Business (GMB) listing by adding menus to their GMB listing.

Visit iTunes and Stitcher and search for podcasts you are interested in being a guest on, and start reaching out to the podcast owners. Share your one-sheet bio and get yourself booked!

Include a Transcript For Better SEO Results

A way to increase the value of your podcasting efforts is to include a transcript. Search engines won’t know what’s in your audio without a transcript. You can give them some hints with a title, but you’ll get a much higher ranking if you include a transcript.

If you can’t or don’t want to include a transcript, a few paragraphs of text that summarizes the important points and includes valuable keywords will enhance your efforts.

Are you frustrated that your efforts to achieve higher search engine rankings for your website are less than stellar using the usual methods?

5 SEO Benefits of Podcasting & How to Start It 1

Have you found that your quest for backlinks via guest-blogging is getting more difficult?

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Would you like a better way to speak directly to potential customers?

Podcasting may be the answer for you. By creating a podcast – or being a guest on the audio creations of others – you can reach an audience with a great amount of interest in what you have to say. And backlinks from related online profiles will get you the search engine love you need to make a noticeable difference.

As a podcaster myself, I can tell you that there is tremendous power in the medium. In a world where marketing messages are getting so watered down, my audience trusts what I say, which is a marketer’s dream.

Valuable Audience

Edison Research has tracked awareness of the term “podcasting” since 2006. In a report released in September 2016, the company found that an estimated 150 million people were aware of the term and estimated 98 million people over the age of 12 reported having listened to a podcast with 57 million doing so within the last month.

Between the years 2013 and 2016, the number of people ages 12 to 24 listening to podcasts more than doubled. As with other digital content, access to podcasts has migrated from computers to smartphones or other portable devices.

5 SEO Benefits of Podcasting & How to Start It 1
ways to humanize your brand

Podcast consumers are well-educated, likely to be affluent, and loyal. A quarter of those who listen to podcasts weekly have been doing so for five years or more.

Your efforts with podcasting will have ongoing value as it is likely this younger cohort will continue to engage with the content you develop. Websites that host podcasts will gain authority related to the regular traffic from these audio enthusiasts. And your involvement in this world will yield SEO benefits for your site.

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Final Thoughts

Podcasting allows you to have one-on-one relationships with many people and who knows where the connections you develop with your audio files may lead. Once you’re comfortable with the medium, you might even establish your podcast and invite guests to speak, all the while building great links to improve your search engine ranking.

Rahul Setia was born and raised in the Kaithal, Haryana. He worked at brands like Jabong, ProProfs etc. He was also in the List of Top 100 Social Media Influencer's 2019 by Status Brew. He lives in Delhi/NCR and is a Digital Gig & Founder of Websites i.e TechBlogCorner.com, ViralMasalla.com, DealorCoupons.com. Follow me on: LinkedIn, @rahulsetia007 and Facebook.

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