5 Advantages Wireless Headsets Have Over the Regular Ones

Wireless technology is being applied to all kinds of gadgets but nowhere has it revolutionized tech more than headsets.

Modern technology has allowed for the development of fully wireless headsets with the same high-performance wired headsets deliver.

Whether you are looking for the best wireless gaming headset, a Bluetooth in-ear headset to make calls on, or headphones to listen to music on while you work out, going wireless will unlock a wealth of possibilities.

Here are the five advantages wireless headsets have over their corded counterparts.

No Knots

The most obvious advantage of going wireless is that you have no wires to get tangled and knotted.

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Do you know those knots that develop when you keep a set of earphones in your pocket that you spend forever unknotting?

Wireless headsets
Wireless headsets

They’re gone. Just pull out your headset, plug it in, and you are ready to go.

More Freedom

With wired headsets and earphones, you have to remain within 1-1.5 metres of your device at all times.

This is fine if you are sitting in one place, but as soon as you need to get up to grab something, it means the phone or controller has to come with you.

Wireless headsets and earphones offer more freedom. Most have a radius of around 8 or 9 metres, leaving you free to get up and move around with uninterrupted sound.


If you are an active gamer and get animated, this will allow moving more freely. Even if you aren’t, having the ability to get up and get a snack without taking your headphones off an disconnecting from your friends is a luxury you will enjoy.

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They’re More Stylish

Gaming headsets have come on a lot since the early models were released with the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Now, they are sleeker and more stylish, with a more diverse range of colors and sharper edges.

Without wires, they get even more stylish. You no longer look like you have a leash attaching you to your controller.

With the wire gone, the headset looks more professional and modern.

More Control

Many modern wireless headsets offer more control than traditional wired headsets.

You can skip tracks, adjust the volume, and on higher-end models, perform basic functions using a touch-pad.

This gives you more control over your audio when listening on a device or using a headset for gaming.   

They’re Affordable

Gone are the days when wireless meant expensive. You can now get all of these benefits without breaking the bank.

An explosion of manufacturers entering the wireless headset and headphone market has been a boon for consumers.

Prices have tumbled in recent years and now you can pick up a wireless headset for just a few bucks more than a wired one.

Now there is no reason why you wouldn’t go wireless.

As with anything (wired headsets included), the quality largely depends on your budget and how much you are willing to fork out.

Wireless headsets come in a wide range of prices and quality and there will no doubt be something for everyone.

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