6 Certifications to Further Your Professional Development in Manufacturing

When it comes to getting hired with a professional manufacturing company, the job search can be intimidating at first.  

Depending on the types of positions and companies that you are applying to, you may be competing against a large pool of applicants who are all highly qualified.

However, there are many ways that you can make yourself stand out and increase your chances of getting the job.

One way that you can distinguish yourself from the crowd is by possessing specialized certifications and highlighting those certifications in your interview and on your resume.

Although there are many types of certifications that you can get, read on to learn about at least 6 types of certifications that are highly applicable to jobs in the manufacturing sphere.

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One type of specialized certification that you can obtain to improve your professional status as a manufacturer is marketing.

A background in marketing is a sought-after skill in any industry.

In manufacturing, you should be able to recognize marketing techniques because it impacts the sales of your products.

You should possess an understanding of how consumers interact with products on the market and what can effectively raise appeal.

If you are interested in getting certified in marketing, you may want to consider getting a graduate certification in marketing.


Graphic Design

Related to marketing, another area that is useful for manufacturing is graphic design.

This may come as a surprise, but graphic design can go a long way toward elevating the appeal and marketability of your product.

To be really skilled at graphic design, you need to dedicate many hours to training and to the creation of digital materials.

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You should also make sure you are familiar with a variety of graphic design software programs.

A certification in graphic design is incredibly desirable to employers and can give you a creative outlet.

In order to effectively communicate information about your manufactured products to consumers, information should be represented well visually.

Event Planning

If you enjoy organizing and planning events for yourself and others, you may want to consider getting a professional certification in event planning.

There are many universities and colleges that offer certifications in event planning, both online and in person.

Event planning is an underutilized but useful specialty that can be applied to many different organizations.

Manufacturing companies must organize events around the launch of new products, endorsements, fundraisers, and more, making an event planning certification especially useful.

First Aid and CPR

Health and safety regulations are an integral part of any business, including manufacturing.

Being first aid and CPR certified is one way to make yourself an asset to the company, and it makes you stand out from other uncertified candidates.

If you want to get first aid and CPR certified, it is incredibly easy to find classes that are being offered near you.


If you can demonstrate to an employer that you are an experienced and effective salesperson, it can take you far.

Businesses in the manufacturing world are constantly looking for smart salespeople to push their products and develop lasting and dependable relationships with current and future customers.

Having a sales certificate is highly marketable skill in many other fields as well.

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Having a sales certificate is highly marketable skill in many other fields as well.

IT and Software

If you are interested in computers or consider yourself competent in computer skills and applications, consider an official certification in IT or software development.

Through the help of a certification, many software development jobs in San Francisco awaits you now that you have better credentials. 

In a society that is continuously focused on the internet and technology in general, being trained and certified in IT will make you highly sought-after.

In order to meet product demands and support a complex infrastructure, manufacturing companies require a great deal of technical support.

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