How to Choose an LED Board for Your Advertising

It is no more a piece of breaking news that marketing in this era cannot survive without using cutting edge technology in order to do stay competitive.

Letting an opportunity to use technology creatively would mean you are allowing your competitor to take the first movers advantage.

Although most firms have already acknowledged the significance of technology and have their presence on E-Commerce platforms and social media, most small and medium businesses are still exploring and getting familiar with other tech-based tools.

One of the most revolutionary additions to the advertisement industry is the LED or Digital boards.

Billboards and Out of Home advertising techniques have always been considered an important yet tricky advertising medium due to a high number of possible impressions yet little room for content flexibility.

Replacing conventional billboards with electronic digital boards means that your message is now no more static and you can run your ads with much more flexibility That being said, unlike billboards, a lot more planning goes into choosing and placing a digital board due to many other factors that do not affect conventional billboards.

Here is what you need to be careful about when choosing a digital board for your advertisement.

Color Correction

The use of the right colors is crucial when you are intending to relay a visual message or impression. Poor colors or graphics will reflect badly on your brand.

Moreover, many brands are identified with the color association.

It is important that all corporate logos are displayed in their exact colors on the advertisement boards.

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Therefore, you need to make sure that your vendor offers color correction services.

Some vendors such as Bibiled.com offer rental packages that include color configuration and correction packages too.

Adjustable Brightness

Besides color, the most crucial factor that affects the quality of your message is the brightness level of your screen.

Brightness went wrong means the viewer will not be able to see your message properly.

Interestingly, brightness levels off digital boards are highly responsive to external factors such as sunlight, darkness, cloud cover etc.

It would be wiser if you go for a board that has a built-in brightness control sensor so that brightness levels of your screen is auto-adjusted in response to changes in the external factors.

Pixel Pitch

The pixel pitch of a digital board refers to the number of LEDs there are in a single square foot of the screen.

Pixel pitch determines how sharp and crisp your output will be. The tighter the pixel pitch, the sharper your picture quality will be.

Always make sure about the kind of LED TV that your vendor is offering you before you rent it out.

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