How To Use Video Walls (Basic Tips)

Modern business often requires real time collaboration with distributed teams, outsourced partners and in-office workers.

Conventional videoconferencing can only go so far — it allows proper communication, but anything from screen sharing to simultaneous work on a document by multiple people needs workarounds.

This is where a video wall can be useful: video walls feature solutions for teamwork, dynamic presentations and real-time collaboration with anyone in the world.

A video wall can be used in a huddle room as the main video and audio setup, controlled by a single PC or, sometimes, a smart-phone app and a file cloud.

Below are some ways in which video walls can improve the way people work together, and some set up tips if you are purchasing your company’s first video wall to use for this purpose.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

Jazz up your staff meetings to get those creative juices flowing

Set up a video wall in lieu of conventional video conferencing because video walls allow for an extremely collaborative work environment.

If you use video walls, it will allow multiple people to see and respond to multiple screens. You can even leave one blank for note taking and other collaborative work.

Video Walls Example

    In a staff meeting, a video wall set up can allow you to display a vast array of data, and all of your work force, whether they are attending the meeting, in another setting, clients or freelance workers can access the data and collaborate.

In this way, video walls can not only improve collaboration, but can also change working relations and also potentially cut costs through more effective use of freelance workers. 

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So, according to some ‘Video walls are an excellent solution to improve team collaboration and to focus attention on important, current issues with an extra-large display in a control room or meeting room application.’


Facilitate remove and freelance working

Make your presentations cutting edge, and increase employee engagement and buy-in, even employees that are not contracted workers with your company.

We mentioned above the way in which video walls can improve the engagement of freelancers, and this is just one of the innovative ways in which you can use video walls.

You can set up a meeting and through video technology such as Skype and video walls you can collaborate with your workers and clients wherever they are in the world.

The possibilities are endless, as you can create any type of digital canvas you wan for your employees to collaborate in to share, annotate and react with documents and important company info.

This may also allow you to save money on real estate and change the way your company operates.

PRESENTATIONS will no longer be death by PowerPoint

There are few things worse than death by PowerPoint.

They will make your staff meetings and presentations un-engaging, and it is n many ways are the antithesis of collaborative working, involving as they do some ‘expert’ who merely stands at the front and lectures your staff. 

Presentations that use video walls, on the other hand, foster collaboration, are engaging, and will actually allow your staff to learn new skills and grow as employees.

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Video walls allow for a range of ways of managing and manipulating content, and they will make your presentations that are more customized, more interactive and more collaborative.

For example, all of your staff could potentially interact with, comment upon and manage content all at once.

This will make all of your presentation ‘working documents’, which is really exciting from both an employee’s and an employer’s perspective.

If you are new to the world of video walls, you may want some practical tips for setting up and using video walls. Below are some basic tips on using video walls;

·       Set the video wall up – Install either a piece of hardware or software to manage the display and the input of your video wall. Hardware is more expensive, but has a lot more dedicated processing power; software can be installed in any computer and allow flexibility, but need good video cards to back them up.

·       Control the video wall – Video walls have multiple layout options. Proprietary software allows you to configure it as you wish, or even use a dynamic layout, enabling the resizing and moving of screens at will.

·       Setting a Video Wall Up – Installing video walls requires a special piece of hardware to process, split and direct the image to the screens.

The same function can be performed by software in the room’s PC or even a personal computer, but a powerful video card is needed to ensure a reliable, smooth performance.

Keep in mind a video wall can be used as a screen and as an input device at the same time, like a huge tablet. Depending on your collaboration requirements, it’s worth it to invest in a dedicated hardware to control the display.

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·       Controlling a Video Wall – When a company offers a video wall, they’ll always provide a remote controller or a program that allows you to control the display mode and manage the direct input on the screen.

Making presentations specifically for video walls allows you to use up to four screens in a fixed layout or to open your content in a dynamic layout.

Video walls are becoming much more popular in the world of business, though in many ways you will still be ahead of the curve if you adopt them.

As we have seen above, they can be extremely effective in fostering collaboration between your employees, and allow for more innovative working practices.

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