4 Benefits of Using Joomla CMS For Your Website

Building a website is one of the go-to marketing strategies for a lot of business owners nowadays. This is because of how increasingly digital the market has become. In order for their businesses to thrive, business owners have to adapt to market trends to make sure that they are attracting the audience they need.

But creating a website can be incredibly daunting especially if you have no background in web design or web development. You would have to not only think about which programming language to use or which server you would have to host your site in, but you would also have to think about how to manage the content you are creating. This is where Joomla might be able to help you.

Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create websites for a variety of purposes. Joomla stands out as an open source platform for site-building because of a few things, mainly with regard to how easy it is to use, its flexibility in terms of customizability, and the involvement of its developer community.

4 Benefits of Using Joomla CMS For Your Website 1
Joomla Benefits

Here a few things that makes Joomla stand out as a CMS:

Joomla is 100% free.

One of the things that makes Joomla great is how inexpensive it is. In fact, it’s not expensive at all. Joomla is absolutely free to use. You might say it’s a non-profit CMS. The platform does however require a few coins to keep it alive, but because of how many people see the benefits to using it, they are more than happy to contribute to the Joomla project.

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Joomla is open source.

Because Joomla is an open source platform, every single aspect of the CMS is available for you to change up to make sure than your website is uniquely yours. Plus, the highly involved developer community has made available hundreds of Joomla extensions and plugins that can help you customize your site.

Joomla is more secure.

You might wonder how an open source platform such as Joomla can keep itself safe from security vulnerabilities. While you can download plugins that can enhance the security of your website, thankfully, Joomla by default comes with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connections and you can also enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). The developer community of Joomla is also keen to make sure that the extensions made available to the public are free from any vulnerabilities.

Joomla is optimized for search engines.

Anybody in the business of managing a website knows how important it is to manage the visibility of a site on search engines. Joomla has a lot of tools at its users’ disposal to help them with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can set metadata and keywords for new content to give it maximum searchability. This gives you an edge over other websites that may have to do much legwork just to make their pages search engine friendly.

Joomla’s stable core and extensibility from the huge library of extensions and community support makes it a really great Content Management System to use. So whatever the business need, Joomla is a great solution to help you find success through the creation of a website built specifically for your business needs.

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