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How Sudoku Game Apps Help To Keep Your Brain Sharp

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I play Sudoku almost every day as an exercise to keep my brain alert. Recently, my son told me that there are apps I could use to play Sudoku on my phone – ones that I can take with me anywhere and I don’t need a pen to solve them. I googled a list of the best Sudoku apps I used for writing my article. I’ll leave a link down below in case you want to check it out later.

The Best 10 Sudoku Games by AppGrooves

Three of the apps I discovered on the website really stood out to me. I’m so glad my son mentioned Sudoku apps because now I have a nearly infinite supply of Sudoku games right on my phone. I’ve really enjoyed all three of these apps and I sincerely hope you will too.

Take Yourself from Beginner to Expert with Sudoku

For playing Sudoku on the go, Sudoku by Branium Studios has exactly what you need. If you are a beginner at Sudoku, there is a hint feature that will actually teach you how to play. Not only does it give you a hint, but it also gives you tips and advice on how to improve your skills and find Sudoku solutions. Sudoku also lets you take notes while you play so you don’t waste paper; something I find extremely convenient. And, if you’ve got older eyes like mine and you’re having trouble seeing the board, you can choose the grid color and font size to make things a little clearer.

Keep in mind that the expert level is very difficult compared to the hard level. It seems like a bit of an extreme jump when you’re playing, but the more you play the more comfortable you’ll be, so you might want to stick to the hard level a little longer to build up your skills before moving on.

Play Against Others Online with Sudoku Free

Something wonderful about Sudoku Free is that it lets you go head-to-head with other online Sudoku players; something you just can’t do with pen and paper. There are even global competitions where you can win a prize of in-game coins. I’ve also enjoyed seeing my career statistics so I know how well I’m playing the game. This allows me to figure out ways I can improve. You can even play Sudoku Free when it’s dark thanks to its night mode. Night mode helps you to protect your eyes if you choose to continue playing the game in the dark.

Unlike Sudoku, there are no instructions to guide you on how to play, so this may not be the perfect app for beginners. You can use some of the easier levels to practice on, but if you’re new to the game of Sudoku and want to learn the rules, I recommend checking out Sudoku instead.

Erase Your Mistakes with is great because if you make a mistake you can easily erase your previous answer and make the proper correction. It also has daily challenges to help you regularly exercise your brain, and you can win fun trophies for completing challenges. What may be the best part, in my opinion, is that if you can’t figure out where you made a mistake, you can use the auto-check feature to help you locate any errors you’ve made. Plus, if you need to make comments or write down your thoughts, there is a pencil mode you can use to take notes on the game as if it were a piece of paper.

If you have bad eyes like me, you might have a bit of a tough time with the size of the numbers. They do appear a bit small, which can occasionally result in a mistake when you’re not 100% positive which number you are pressing. While this doesn’t bother me a whole lot, it is something you might want to keep in mind before downloading. 


I have had so much fun playing these Sudoku games and they’ve made my morning routine so much more efficient – I never have to remember where I last placed my Sudoku book again! If you’re someone who truly enjoys the game of Sudoku but you don’t want to carry around pen and paper everywhere you go, then these are most definitely worth taking a look at.

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