How To Get More Followers on Instagram Using Instagram Stories

Instagram is famous for introducing new ways to reach more people. Instagram stories is a fun yet creative way to engage more people, bring new following and generate more sales. But it is not easy to get a number of followers organically.

However, Instagram stories have fizzled out after 24 hours but it gives your viewer a bite-sized content over Instagram.

There are 400 million Instagram stories uploaded every day, so make sure to plan out a strategy to use this content format in an engaging way that entices the viewers to follow you for more updates.

Luckily, we have gathered some tips to get more followers on Instagram using Instagram stories or buy from

Let’s have a look at how to gain followers on Instagram.

How to gain followers on Instagram:

The following tactics will help you to grow a massive following on Instagram.

Create Stories Your Audience Will Love:

Instagram stories are nor polished format-means can you post non-edited videos or photos.

You need to hire a professional to shoot videos or create photos.

You can use Instagram’s story editing to make your story more creative by adding filters, stickers, draw, emojis and overlay text to media.

There is no need to use hi-fi editing tools to edit your stories.

You can use Adobe Spark and Canva to make your stories creative with their free plans.

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You can make them creative and visually appealing with animation and text fonts.

You can buy story templates from Etsy and creative market if you don’t know how to create interesting stories, use the customizable templates from these places.

How to Make Engaging Instagram Stories

Although, Instagram allows to upload only 15-second video and less time with photos for Instagram stories.

But there are various ways to get your audience to stay on your Instagram stories for longer.

Split Videos Up:

You can split up your videos through an application such as CutStory, that way you can turn a longer video into small segments (15 seconds).

Your audience will click through your story to watch the entire video when you create multiple shorter segments from a single video.

Ask a Question

Engage your audience with Q&A session, ask interesting questions and encourage them to message you with the answers.

Let them know more about you with conversation. Talk with them and learn what their interests are. Create the content that matches with the interest of your followers.

Create an Instagram Story Poll

Polls are the unique way when it comes to engage your audience and grow your following count. Conduct some research and create a poll.

Promote your content on your other social media platforms and encourage them to watch your story and share an opinion.

Go Live on Instagram:

Use live video feature on Instagram and engage your audience in real-time. Moreover, there is no need to edit the video and you can also offer your audience to like your video and drop a comment.

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You can go behind the scene and engage your audience with interesting content.

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