5 Tips for Protecting Customers from Identity Theft

Identity theft is the biggest nightmare for those who are scared of cybercrimes.

Every day in the news and in media we often here the news of systems got hacked identities got theft and personal information got misused. We cannot deny the fact that no one is safe in the in the era of cybercrime.

But day by day we are getting more and more dependent on internet and online stuff.

All these websites and portals require us either to log in to our social media accounts or to create an account by entering some personal details, but the question is how safe these details with these portals are.


Not even best identity theft protection services can guarantee you 100 % security and peace of mind only your awareness can help you.

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Here are some tips and tricks for all bank and online shopping customers to protect their identity.

Beware of clone websites:

Most of reliable websites such as your bank website and the websites of big brands keep identity theft prevention but sometimes you can be trapped by a website which looks exactly same as the original website.

Some hackers already know that you may make a mistake while typing the name of your bank website and keeping this in mind they create almost same website which looks like original website but if you will enter your details your identity can be theft.

So, it is better to check all the details, look and feel of the website minutely before entering any details.

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Use virtual keyboards:

On most of the website you use to make financial transactions you will find virtual keyboard to enter your password or one-time password for identity theft protection.


It is an on-screen keyboard you should use it because some hackers trace the keys which you press to enter your password and user ID this is how they can steal your identity and in worst cases they can wipe all the money from your account.

On the other hand, when you click on the virtual keyboard option given next to the password box you can type the letters by clicking on them.

Do not connect to Unsecure Wi-Fi:

Another tip which best identity theft protection companies think can work to protect you is not to connect to unsecure Wi-Fi.

These days you can find an open Wi-Fi connection very often, but you should remember that all of them are not trustable.

It is fine to use public Wi-Fi of Airports and Railway stations but if you find any other public Wi-Fi about which you do not know then you should never connect to it. It can be a trap to steal information from your device.

So, it is better to use mobile data in most of the cases it may cost you but can save you from being a victim of identity theft.

Keep changing your passwords:

Another best way to ditch hackers from stealing your identity is to keep changing your passwords.

Changing your password help you to undo your saved passwords so that if you have saved your password in error on computer where it should not be saved. This is a good way to be safe even from those who can guess your passwords.

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Though it is difficult task to remember multiple passwords, but you can afford to make a little effort to safeguard your critical information.

 Protecting your identity using third party software:

You will find may third party identity protection software these days.

Your Antivirus can also offer you an identity protector or a secret password vault for your computer. If you are planning to by an identity protector tool separately then you should check Advanced Identity Protector from Systweak software.

It works perfectly and scan all your saved passwords to collect them into a safe vault. These passwords then get unsaved from the websites. Anytime you want to enter a password all you need to enter is your application password and then you can login in just one click.

This makes it one of the best Identity theft monitoring tool.

This is how you can protect your identity from stealing up.

There is no harm in making most of the technology survive us, but it is necessary to be alert.

Chandra Shekhar Choudhary, a Digital Marketing Analyst & a Technical Content Writer is working at Systweak Software. His interest of writing is Anti Malware, Ransomware, Virus, Windows and Mac and he is keen interested in writing other technical blogs. Apart of writing he love traveling and cooking.

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