The Best Twitter Tool for Following and Unfollowing

Twitter has become the voice of businesses. 85% of SMBs use Twitter to provide customer service and connect with their customers. Twitter can contribute as a valuable social media platform to promote your business if implemented in the right way.

One of the best strategies to do Twitter right is by using a Twitter tool. The tool will make it easier for you to plan your tweets and manage your followers. Both of which are otherwise quite time consuming tasks.

Once you start using a Twitter tool, you can automate a lot of tasks like tweeting, unfollowing and following accounts. This gives you more time to actually interact with other Twitter users and not spend your time doing the basics.

Recently, I came across a very efficient Twitter tool, Circleboom. I have had the best experience of managing my Twitter account with Circleboom because of its clean interface and ease of use.

Out of all their features, the one that I found most helpful was their following and unfollowing tool. The tool has helped me gain a lot of new Twitter followers and remove those who unfollow me.

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The Best Twitter Tool for Following and Unfollowing

Some features that make Circleboom stand out from all the other Twitter tools are:

1.   Unfollow Twitter Accounts who don’t Follow Back:

The Circleboom unfollow feature lets you unfollow your unfollowers, spammers, inactive accounts, and  eggheads.

So whether you wish to remove all those accounts who don’t interact with you or the ones who don’t follow you, you can do it in a click.

Eggheads are fake profiles so you can get rid of the fake Twitter accounts by unfollowing them from the Circleboom dashboard.

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2. Follow new Twitter Accounts with Hashtag Searches:

With Circleboom’s follow feature, you can find related accounts and follow them on Twitter.


Their follow feature also gives you a chance to find accounts using keywords and hashtag searches.

With this technique you can reach out to your customers, influencers, and collaborators.

Once you’re done finding and following accounts, you can create Twitter lists with Circleboom. These lists will help you in categorizing your Twitter friends.

3. Schedule Tweets with Circlebom’s Twitter Scheduler and Analytics:

The most important task once you’ve created your Twitter profile is to send out tweets.

Research says that a minimum of 6 tweets should be sent out per day to improve engagement.

For most of the businesses, it’s not possible to send out so many tweets without wasting time.

So, the best way is schedule tweets way in advance and save yourself from the everyday effort.

Circleboom’s scheduler is the perfect answer to plan out monthly tweets in advance!

4. Most affordable Compared to other Twitter tools.

While other Twitter tools like ManageFlitter start their monthly pricing from $12 per month, Circleboom proviedes all the features at $4.5 per month.

Because it’s one of the best priced Twitter tool in the industry, it certainly becomes the best tool to manage your Twitter account.

In all, Circleboom has all the necessary features for businesses to grow their Twitter profiles. It can be even used by individuals to manage their followers and unfollowers. Sign up for their free plan to learn more about how it’s best for you.

Harinder Kaur has completed her in Computer Sci. & Engg. from Kurukshetra University. Working as Marketing Director at since 2015 and She is also working on her new startups and

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