Top 6 Modern Web Design Trends 2021

Every business, no matter how big or small, needs a website. You may have created one for your company many years ago, and that is fantastic. However, you cannot simply create a website and allow it to see for an extended period of time without any updates. For example, if you have not updated your website’s design in a while, then it may not read well on mobile devices. When you pursue some much-needed updates, here are some of the latest trends to bear in mind.


In the past, many companies relied on lifestyle or editorial photography shots on the homepage. This was fine for allowing visitors to get a sense of what your business did and what kind of attitude you wanted to convey. These days, more businesses are hiring illustrators to create unique artwork to display on the homepage. With a single piece of art, you can convey a lot of information about your business, and done well, it can really make an impact.

More Organic Shapes

A few years ago, many companies had boxes on their web pages that had sharp angles. This provided an almost modernist design. Within the past year or so, more websites have begun rounding the corners of boxes. For example, if you go to Twitter, then you will notice the box where you input your tweets has rounded corners. You will notice this trend on numerous apps. This makes the webpages easier on the eyes.

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For a while, many website designers preferred using a minimalist style. They believed it was easiest on consumers to have as little information on the page as possible and to really emphasize white space. However, consumers have gotten savvier over the years. They know how to navigate websites on multiple types of devices, so they can handle a bit more. Many companies have begun incorporating maximalistic designs, which essentially just throw everything possible at the reader.

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Floating Navigation Menus

It is particularly important for small business website design to remain abreast of what the larger companies are doing. Part of that includes utilizing floating navigation menus. This allows the menu to remain with the user regardless of how far down the homepage he or she scrolls. It makes the entire experience much more convenient for consumers, so they do not have to scroll all way back up to find something else.

Serif Fonts


In the past, sans serif fonts made more sense. They were simpler to read on screens that maybe did not have the greatest resolution. However, an increasing number of people utilize state-of-the-art laptops and smartphones. As a result, serif fonts have returned in a big way. This is great for small business owners because serif fonts provide a bit more refinement and elegance.


When you go to more businesses’ websites, you will notice a lot of them have incorporated videos directly into the website design. This provides consumers with a nice break from having to constantly read text. Additionally, with advancements in website design, it is easier than ever to effortlessly blend in videos from YouTube or Vimeo onto a webpage. You also will not have to worry about the overall video quality taking a hit. Even a short video can be enough to showcase what your business stands for.

Many experts believe these trends are going to stick around, so if you update your small business website in 2018, you may not have to do much else for a while. It is always a good idea to have a professional eye take a look at your website once in a while to see what improvements can be made. That way you never fall behind the competition.

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