Benefits Of Using EaseUS Data Recovery Software

Computer Data tends to be one of the most valuable resource for one who uses a computer or any Electronic storage devices. All the personal and important files are generally saved in the Storage devices. Nowadays, the files are lost expectedly or unexpectedly.

There are number of factors that can cause lose your valuable files and data, whether the file is a multi-million dollar deal file or just the photos of your beloved ones.

If we search online for data recovery software, we can see many results and getting a appropriate, legit software could take us hours and still we may not find the best software.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software is one of the best file recovery software for almost all format of data, files, and documents. This software is the output of modern technology and is specially designed to recover all the deleted files from your electronic devices which you use.

This software can easily handle the external and internal hard drives and it can also be used as memory card recovery software.


EaseUS data recovery software is very easy to run, use and recover files. The recovery process has three steps.

Initially, the first step to recover the deleted or lost file, you should install the EaseUS data recovery software in the required computer. After software installation, the second step is to scan the device.

The scanning process is of two types, the first one is the quick scan and the second one is a deep scan. In the quick scan, the Scanning time is less and it scans the device within very minutes.

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The deep scan takes more time than the quick scan as it scans every single file of the full device and gives the complete list of the data lost.

You should select the location where the data is lost and start the scan at that place. After getting the list of deleted files the third step is to recover the files and restore the data.



EaseUS data recovery software is helpful for data recovery in electronic storage deviceslike computers and mobiles.

  • The good thing about the software is that it does not harm your device and it also does not overwrite the information.
  • We can restore the files in different devices and also from removal devices like memory card and pen drives. Mostly in every mobile, the storage is in the memory card and all the files and data required are saved in this card. The data in the memory card are sometimes accidentally deleted or lost.
  • Memory card recovery by EaseUS can be done easily and safely. Most of the people want to keep the device safe through a password. It can also recover the files from the devices which are password protected.
  • It also helps to recover email from different servers. This software can also be used by police to check the deleted data and files which would help them to solve many of their cases.
  • EaseUS memory card recovery is one of the best and mostly used techniques by this software to recover the lost data. Basically it recover all the data which ever you saved in your memory
  • It can also fix files which were removed, formatted, disk errors, system errors and virus affected.
  • It recovers more than 1000 types of files. There are many tests performed by using different software to check the best result for data recovery from hard disk, a removable disk, compact disk etc. But when compared to other recovery software, EaseUS data recovery software is the best software for recovery and for better results.
  • The files which were recovered can be divided by their name, size, date, and based on the file type. You can retrieve the data by using file type. If you need a video then the file type should be selected as video by this all the videos which were lost would be recovered. These processes will help to search and recovery the video easily.
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The minimum requirements of the EaseUS data recovery software are:-

  • EaseUS File recovery software can be used in Laptop, camera, music player, removable disk, USB device, zip device, hard disk, memory card, pen drive, and other storage devices.
  • Some of the Operating system support this software are Windows 10, Windows 8.1&8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista and Server 2016, 2012, and 2008.
  • The RAM required is 128mbThe disk space required for installation of this software is Minimum of 32mb size.

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