5 Smart Tools To Prepare Exams For Students

Exams have been a source of stress for students around the world since school became a culturally recognized institution. Since that time, what defines an exam has changed and expanded to include many different formats. There has always been the usual oral test, essay exam or multiple choice. Newer formats include presentation tests, scan-trons, and online exams.

With the exams themselves taking a turn for the digital, ways to study for them have also crossed over into the world of technology. Studying used to involve sitting in your room, slaving over a sky-high stack of flash cards and hoping that the study guide provided by the teacher ended up being accurate to actual exam.

Smart Tools To Prepare Exams For Students

These days the resources available to students is tremendous, which could leave us feeling more than a little overwhelmed and just wanting to give up on the studying game entirely.

Luckily, the five best online services to boost your studying from mediocre to high-quality are all listed below.


The flashcard app of the century, Quizlet provides an easy method to put all the terms you need to study in one portable place, your cellphone.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

Quizlet has both mobile and desktop functionality, making it perfect for the modern student. The app allows you to take your study materials anywhere without having to lug around a case of cards or a computer.

The computer, on the other hand, gives you more in-depth options for creating and studying from card sets.

The app is very user-friendly as well, giving students games to choose from in order to soak in the information they need to study. What’s better than memorizing terms by playing Asteroids or the Speed Matching Game?

Voice Memos

Voice memos are for those of us who love listening, listening back, and listening some more. If absorption is the best way you soak in material, record your lectures.

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Record study sessions you have with your friends, record whatever you think will help you get a better grade on the exam.


These memos can easily be turned into a playlist on your music app, through adding it to your iTunes or Android music library. You can also download these files on your computer and listen to them there.

All phones come with voice memo apps these days, so that will save you a hefty investment in a physical recorder and from having to buy storage for the footage you record.


In the same vein, Audible offers a great service for those who employ listening techniques for their studying.

Audible offers a very affordable monthly subscription to their podcasts and audiobooks with an entire section dedicated to education and learning.

These are already pre-made, saving you the time of actually recording the lecture or materials on your own. Plus, there will never be any distracting background noise, which could be a problem with making your own voice memos.

Using Audible to study is one of many Self Development Secrets that help separate the cream-of-the-crop students from the rest.


YouTube has so many videos on different topics and entire channels dedicated to teaching you common school subjects. If the lectures and study materials are too stale for you, YouTube channels offer a unique take on the material you are required to learn.

If you know specifically what subject you are searching for, YouTube becomes easy to navigate. It takes a little research to check validity, which can be done with a simple click to their “About” page on their channel.

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Google Docs

This is the resource for all those who study better in groups. Google Docs takes group study sessions and digitizes them. This service allows multiple people to work on the same document.

It breaks an enormous 60 question study guide into easily manageable 10 question chunks for everyone involved.

Technology offers so many benefits for students to take their studying to the next level – get on board with some of these platforms today!

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