Why Regular Website Maintenance Is Essential and How to Do it

Creating your first website is like buying your first car. When you get it, it’s shiny, new, and your most prized possession. But just like your car, your site also needs to be maintained. You want to ensure that it continuously runs well and is protected for as long as you have. Like a car needs a regular oil change, your website needs regular updates.

Frequent updates ensure that your site is secure for both you and your customers. It’s the general upkeep that keeps your content up to date, ensures that there are no broken links, and keeps your users engaged.

Website maintenance is important for businesses big and small. Your site is a window into your brand and services. It can have a big impact on how your company is perceived. A website that’s well-maintained attracts and retains customers, presents relevant information, and helps you maintain and improve your search engine ranking.

These are just a few reasons why website upkeep is so important. The following is a more in-depth look into these ways and how to achieve them.

Customer Interest

The purpose of your website is to be engaging to your existing customers and attract all potential customers. If you never change or update your site, then you’ll notice a drop off on visitors and customers.

Liquid Web Managed Word Press

To ensure that your customers are still interested, routinely refresh your content and ensure that contact points with customers are in a good working order. Make sure your contact information, product descriptions, and pricing lists are still correct and current.

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Search Engines

Search engine optimization plays an important role in getting your site seen. When your site is correctly optimized, the algorithms that Google and other search engines rank it highly.

However, these algorithms are updated often, and they look for new and different aspects of content. That means that your role as a business owner with a website is to ensure that your website meets the criteria. Frequent modifications will push you past competitors who are not active.

Corporate Image

As mentioned before, your website is a reflection of your image to the world. When a website isn’t correctly maintained, it will hold a lot of dead pages, errors, broken links, and information that is outdated. This conveys to your audience and others in the corporate world that your business is careless and sloppy.

To fix this image, ensure that you’re routinely checking and fixing broken links. Be sure to check, and double check, that your content is free from grammar and spelling errors. These simple and easy ways can ensure that your site looks professional.


Key Website Maintenance Tasks You Should Be Doing

Maintaining your website isn’t just important for keeping up appearances – it keeps your site secure and your information safe. Here are a few essential tasks you should be doing to maintain it.

Software Updates

The majority of websites are built with complex software applications. Just like your computer’s operating systems need updating, so does software. Software updates are important because they keep your security and performance in order.

Security Updates

Hackers are able to recognize vulnerabilities in code and will take advantage of them if they have the chance. By regularly ensuring you have the latest security releases and patches, you’re protecting your brand from internet threats that could be very detrimental to your business.

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Regular Backups

Your website should be backed up frequently in case something does happen. Having this information backed up makes it easier to reinstate or rebuild. There are two elements of your site that you should keep backed up:

  • Code (HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP code, plugins, themes, and other files). Your website’s code needs to be backed up each time you change something or update. If you’re using a content management system, such as WordPress, you should back up your information after each update.
  • Content (Text, audios, videos, images, etc.). At the very least, you should back up your content once every quarter.

The Bottom Line

Trying to handle your maintenance on your website by yourself is like trying to fix your car with no help. If you’re not an expert on it, it can get messy. You can also end up making things worse. If you’re using your own software, contact a professional to help. If you’re using a service like WordPress then research WordPress website management services to see which one is the most beneficial. Don’t let your website maintenance slip. When you do what you can, your website will thrive.

Harinder Kaur has completed her M.tech in Computer Sc. & engg. from Kurukshetra University. She has done research on Mobile ad hoc networks as project fellow at SMVD university. She is currently working on her new startup dealorcoupons.com

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