Essay Writing Tips: 7 Best Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

The word ‘essay’ may seem very intimidating. It can come with a lot of rules and lists and sometimes you don’t know where to start looking for information. We’re here to show you that writing a paper doesn’t have to be frustratingly hard, with tips and tricks that will help boost your confidence in your writing skills. And if you feel like you have a difficult time writing on your own, you can even pay someone to write my paper for you!


Here are the tricks we have to help you get that A -Plus grade!

1. Brainstorm

This might go without saying, but before you jump into that big reading list, try to think about some information related to the topic on your own. Once you write them down, you can do research to see if you can backup your statements. This way, you won’t just be going through pre-written notes or a reading list.

2.Don’t be afraid to use Wikipedia

While its not best to get all of your information from this source, because anyone can write on Wikipedia, if you don’t know what it is you’re writing on and are looking to get a general idea, this can be a good place to start. Of course, always use more credible sources once you’re done, to make sure that you get 100 percent accurate information.

3. Do extra research

You don’t have to hinder yourself to just the books you’ve been assigned; look for any citations that might have been used and look them up. If they’re worth reading, you can take information from there as well. Just remember that you don’t need tons of resources. The quality of your work should always out-do the quantity of your citations.

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4. Look at both sides

While you might think this is going against the rule that you should stick to one side of the argument and only present that side of it, it’s important to know the arguments that can go against your statements. This will help you to look at both sides of the topic and you won’t be a sitting duck when someone tries to make their argument.

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5. Only look at what’s important

You don’t have to read the entire article or book in order to get the most information out if it. Plus, it will only take longer for you to get your work done. Try to focus on the introduction, conclusion, and one or two relevant chapters or topics that will give you the most information without spending hours searching for it.

6. Introduction last

You might have heard this before; writing the introduction last is always the best thing to do, because you’ll already know what you’ve covered in the essay and you’ll be able to give a solid beginning to it without giving away any big pieces of information.

7. Pay someone to write your paper

There are still sites out there that can help you if you feel like you just aren’t getting anywhere on your own. You’ll put the description of what you need written on these sites for whatever price you’re comfortable with. Someone will accept it, write it, and have it done for you the same day. And you won’t have to make a big commitment and pay unless you’re happy with what you see!

Writing an essay doesn’t have to be hard, no matter how intimidating it may seem. Being able to use the sources available to you in the most efficient way will always help you get the best results. The good thing about these tips are that they will save you a lot of time and mental energy, allowing you to focus on really making your essay worth that A-Plus grade!


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