6 Little Known Facts About Drones in 2021

On every passing year, drones are becoming more and more popular. Sometime ago it was only used by the military and professional researchers but its impact has affected many businesses, a fact that has raised alarm. The use of drones has increased as they are being used by thousands if not millions of businesses. Today there are even individuals who own drones.


The sale of the drones for the last few years has skyrocketed. It is however no longer a new technology. The drone technology came to the attention of the public domain in the First World War. However, what has changed is the style, shape, use and the technology used since then. If you are a drone enthusiast or someone who wants to develop your drone’s interest, you are in the right place.

We have exposed 6 facts about drones that we believe you would be delighted to know.

1. It is not Just about Flying the Drone

Today’s drones are very small in size. You will get most of them between 10-20 ounces. Before flying, however, a lot of calculations have to be done before it flies. There is a lot of engineering involved there. Before being licensed to fly the drone, the pilot has to undergo through many years of training. It’s not a walk in the park. You have to understand what happens behind the scenes to address any emergent issues that may arise when the drone is in the atmosphere. A pilot who is not well trained might not recognize that there are other objects in the air.

You have to consider you are not the only pilot in the air, we have planes that may be passing through that route, there are objects that you are also likely to come across. Flying without good theoretical knowledge might lead to very expensive crashes.

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Since these scenarios might be present regardless of the training, most drones are being built with inbuilt software that helps them fly. A drone is able to fly in the stabilize mode where it automatically self-corrects itself in the roll and pitch axis. Loiter mode, will keep the drone in the same position when flying if the pilot just lets go of the controls. The return-to-launch mode will set the drone on the way back home. It automatically directs the drone on the path returning to the home location. Ere the pilots doesn’t have to use any controls.

There are more flight modes which offer varying controls to the pilot over the drone’s flight path. Many features are being featured in the modern drone including the semi-autonomous drones that can follow you. They are already the best sellers in the market.

2. There is a Dramatic Growth in the Commercial Drone Usage

Now that the use of drones has been accepted so greatly in the society, you might picture the enthusiast flying the drone n their compound. The fact is that the drone usage has been accepted more in the commercial sector than in the social sector. They have been embraced by many professional sectors.The size is not limited to slightly bigger than a lunch box. Military drone, for instance, is as big as cars.

They are mainly used in the transport of inventory as well as keeping an eye on the hostile territories where it would be quite dangerous to go first hand. Professional delivery services are using big drones in fast delivery of their parcels.

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The drone technology has completely changed the photography and filming industry. Have you ever seen a recording or simply a photograph and wonder where was the cameraman when taking all these? To this industry have been god-sent. They take breathtaking clear shots of the earth from different angles that were hitherto inaccessible. Only birds and helicopters would have gotten to such locations which would be very expensive taking such films. Today you will actually record from the skies where you can even see the camera and can as well record the impenetrable caves in the rivers and on the rocks.


Another industry investing in the drone business is the insurance industry. Using drones will quicken the inspection process that takes weeks and at times even months. It’s a fact that through drone inspectors you are likely to get up to 800% inspection efficiency. With many tracks of land and unending plantations, the agriculture industry is also using the technology to inspect the fields as they target the pesticides in specific areas. Before you had to spray the entire field since it would be impossible to determine the affected areas.

3. Drones have Unbeatable Speeds

Back to the drones flying in your backyards, with the size slightly bigger than a lunch box. Don’t be tempted to think that all drone moves at that speed. They are not set to move in the normal preset zig-zag patterns moving at the speed of the helicopter. The fact is that the speed of the modern drones competes with that of an airplane.

The drones being manufactured with impressive speed that will even challenge that of the fastest birds in the air. The RC Hobby Review presents a new breed of drones with immense top speed abilities. A DJI Phantom 4 drone, for instance, has 72km/h horizontal top speed. The racing drones have been made specifically for the top speed they will commonly move at around 120km/h normal speed. There is actually a new breed in the making that is capable of getting up to 185km/h. These are the new racer drones in the making.

4. A Privacy Debate on Drone’s Penetrations.

Drones can fly anywhere in the atmosphere and have no limitations to record. There have features enabling them to record anything irrespective of the weather condition. The human rights activists have complained about how drones are being abused. They say they are being used very badly to record thing they should not be recording. They are used to spy on people actually. You might not see it but there is a drone a few hundred feet in the sky watching you. This means there is someone somewhere watching your every move.

The police have been very quick to embrace this technology to monitor the streets and ore so record unlawful activities taking place. They can be used as reliable sources of exhibits in the court of law for prosecution purposes.

All these have seen many voices being raised demanding the effecting of stringent laws on the drones usage by the government in public places.

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5. The Law is Acknowledging and Appreciating the Drones and has Begun to Accommodate them

Change is inevitable. When changes, especially in technology, come, not everybody is quick to respond. There are a few risk takers who will be quick to test. These don’t worry about the results. They want to experience new things. They will, therefore, give reviews on the new technology. There is another category that will adopt the new change after they see everybody is using the new technology. They have confidence and witnesses that it is working. The final group is rigid to change and will change after the old technology is almost becoming obsolete.

There are many countries still trying to understand how the presence of drones in their atmosphere will affect the way of life. They are cautious about the lives of civilians and the rules that will be made to protect the people’s interest in the presence of the drone activities. An example is the areas where the drone activity have been banned due to the heavy air traffic. This traffic is in form of helicopters and airplanes. They can cause great crashes.

This law is being relaxed. With the Hurricane Harvey and relating events, it’s clear that the law is very detrimental to the deployment of commercial drones on a large scale basis in the search of victim and survivors. The check up on the state of infrastructure to enable person to person communication. This category 4 storm hit Texas last year causing billions of damage and affecting millions of people from Texas.

Out of such incidences that needed desperately the help of drones to know the extent of damage and help in the rescue of survivors as well as deploying food and other resources, FAA recently relaxed the stance on the drone rules and regulations. It relaxed the stand on the use of drones in certain regions. The Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, actually worked actually with the licensed drone pilots in providing aid to the affected in the Hurricane Harvey.

6. Many will Go Home

A drone requires one person to operate, the pilot. A single drone can transport inventory that used to be transported by a few trucks since it’s very fast. The today commercial use of drones is however handicapped by their short battery life and smaller size the high prices margins are also a factor of consideration.

There is a rapid research on the new breed of worker drones that will be able to fly for days, carry heavy loads and at the end of the day will still be affordable. After the launch of these drones, many people will lose their jobs. They will replace many delivery workers d tuck owners. They will be fitted with GPS systems and obstacle avoidance technology to ensure they are able to navigate through the crowded public areas as they deliver goods.

As many companies will be very excited about the proceeds they save from the untiring and flight enabled new workforce, the replaced human workers will have to look for new methods here they can earn a living. This launch will improve on the efficiency speed up delivery of products to customers.

Follow Me Drones

The follow me drones are getting more and more popular in the drone industry. Through these drones, a pilot is able to record himself in action from amazing heights. Where you are considering having a Follow me drone, you need to understand the stats that you need in a drone. An example is a camera Follow Me drone. This can be used as an artistic tool, a toy, professional camera and also as a professional video. It can also be used a simply a device for exploring the fields.

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Through the heightened demand for the drones, their innovation, and technology put in place rises. The feature of the next bunch of drones will be very different.

Difference from Other Drones

Probably you wonder what makes the follow me drones very unique and different. The fact is that they are all the same. The difference in where the follow-me drones have a tracking feature. This is the feature that will make the drone follow any object that you want. It has the ability to follow you wherever you go as it flies.

This category of drones is used by people who want a record of what they do. You can set the drone to follow your waterski or when you are snowboarding. Many athletes using this technology that will track you and show you the areas that you need to improve on. It is also the best thing for the self-documentation purpose. With this drone, you don’t have to worry about your safety or the safety of the person recording you. This is a cool feature that will spot you from your location.

Let’s look at some of the follow me drones that you may consider if you plan to have one soon.

  • DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Fly More Combo. This is a great package giving you everything that you need to fly your drone. This is one of the best follows me drones with a 24-high performance computing cores.
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro Obsidian. The technology is the lightweight magnesium gimbal. Its best thing with sports recording, moving at 45mph top speed. It also comes with 30 minutes of fight time with the Phantom 4Pro Obsidian.
  • Autel Robotics EVO. This is a follow me drone offering 4K video at 60fps and images at 12-megapixels. To track the objects, Autel Robotics uses the Dynamic track.
  • The Parrot Anafi Drone. This drone has 4K HDR video and 21 MP photos abilities. It is unique with 180 degrees vertical tilt gimbal. The drones allow you 25 minutes which can allow for long flying time.

Final words…

With the current change in technology, things are becoming easier under more complicated software’s. With the facts that you need to understand about follow me drone, you get the foundation of what they are about. With a follow me drone you can also explore the world and record yourself without bothering another person to record your moves.

There are new designs and new features of following me drones coming up each day. Other than the limited flying time and many people who will be relieved jobs, the new launch of drone technology will bring a shift in the today’s business economy. It’s a turnaround of business to fast faced productivity.

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