Why an Email Address Scrubbing System Is A Great Business Investment

Your email list: it’s one of your must important business assets and the one that helps you keep in touch with your customers. That’s why it needs constant care and attention, as there are many risky factors that can affect it in the long run. Using an email address scrubbing system is the fastest and most efficient solution when it comes to email hygiene.

What does an email address scrubbing system do?

Everything you couldn’t do by yourself. It analyzes your email list and removes invalid and risky addresses from it, leaving it clean and safe to use. Let’s see what that means:

Email Bounce Checker: a good email scrubbing system will eliminate the invalid email addresses from your list. If you keep sending your marketing campaigns to addresses that don’t exist, your bounce rate is going to be high and your sender reputation will be tarnished.

Spam trap detection: nobody wants spam traps in their database. They are created by Internet Service Providers with the purpose of attracting spammers and blocking them. A professional email address scrubbing company will spot this type of leads and eliminate them.

Disposable email addresses: they have no value, as they are only temporary, so keeping them in your list is a waste of money. An email scrubbing software will get rid of them in a matter of minutes.

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Role-based email addresses: imagine how long it would take you to check your email list manually and remove all these useless addresses. They don’t belong to a particular person, but are usually associated with a company or a department, and sending newsletters to them makes little to no sense.

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More than an email address scrubbing system

There are many email scrubbing companies helping marketers achieve better email deliverability. Some of them are free online tools and won’t make any difference in your email marketing performance. Others are run by experienced email specialists who have developed sophisticated email verification systems to make your life easier.

ZeroBounce, for example, offers a suite of features designed to boost your email deliverability and help you maintain a good sender reputation. The system removes misspelled and risky email addresses, such as spam traps, abuse emails (users that have a history of marking emails as Spam), disposable and role-based email accounts, toxic and catch-all domains.

It’s not only a powerful tool to improve your deliver-ability, but it also offers you data about your subscribers that can be valuable for your marketing strategy: it appends the first and last name, the gender and the location of the email user. ZeroBounce is a fast and easy to use email validator, and it also includes an API.

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  1. A great email validation system not only cleans up your email list, but it can also help you learn more about your subscribers. Email verification goes hand in hand with email marketing.

  2. Thank you for recommending Zerobounce as an email address scrubbing system! We appreciate your support. If any of your readers are looking for a reliable email validator, they can always reach out to us and we’ll be there to guide them.

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