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8 Tech Things About Mobile Home You Haven’t Used Till Now

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Living in a mobile home can be adventurous most of the time since you are always on the move. It is also economical and cheap since you don’t have to deal with agents or annoying landlords. A mobile home can be really cool, but it is prone to theft. People who live in mobile homes may seem to have it all, but many thieves target these homes because they know that you may not have strong locks that cannot break.

Studies reveal that it may take a burglar six seconds to break into a manufactured home. They may spend a maximum of twelve minutes to steal valuable items. That is why we will help you improve the security of your mobile home through the following tips. Enjoy!

Change the locks

You may be using spring bolt knobs or standard locks that are weak for experienced thieves. A deadbolt knob is one of the strongest for a mobile home. It comes with a strike plate that reinforces your lock with screws that are 3 inches long.

The thickness of your deadbolt should have a thickness of one inch and have an extension of one inch to your door frame as you lock it. This makes it strong enough not to be broken without your knowledge.

Check your sliding windows

Most people use sliding windows on their mobile home. A thief only needs a minute to lift your window from the slide channels. Ensure that you tighten the screws of your windows to deter thieves. You can also use a safety film or a jammer on your window which are not easily broken.

If you have a shed that has ladders, never leave it open since an intruder can use it as a channel to rob you. Call the CPI security to install window sensors that deter thieves.

Avoid being a target

They say that the night is evil. Most thieves operate when you are asleep if you make yourself an easy target. You can ask the CPI security also to install a light control so that your pathways or parking area remains lit even in the dark.

Ensure that you mount your lights high enough to prevent them from unscrewing bulbs. Keep your scrubs trimmed for them not to act as a hiding place if you are not moving. When you are not around, you can use light timers so that thieves can think that you are present.

You can also use a lamp or a radio if you are leaving for a short time such as one night. Allow your neighbor to park their car on your driveway so that it looks like you are present.

Install a metal door

Your door should not be one that can be kicked in at any time. Use a metal clad door that has a frame that is solid to prevent theft. Your entry point should have a view grill for you to observe the entrance of your mobile home even if you don’t open the door.

Make use of a safe deposit box

Store valuable items in an inaccessible place such as a metal deposit box.  All your jewelry, stamps, coin collection and useful items should go in there. You can also prevent other tragedies such as a fire outbreak if your safety box is fireproof. Flooding can also occur in the winter season. Your safety box should also be water-proof so that any items don’t get destroyed.

Use an alarm system

Even mobile homes need alarm systems to alert you of any suspicious activity. You can use a self-made kit or call a professional to install one that has monitoring services from the police. An alarm can activate the siren during breaching and startle an intruder. Get a licensed gun to increase security and lock them far from unauthorized people like children.

Get your mobile home insured

If you are already insured, review the policy to evaluate if it gives you maximum protection.  Be keen on exclusions and limits that cover expensive items in case of a theft. You can always add optional coverage as well as policy limits if you desire, to help you recover stolen items if it happens.

Close the blinds at night

It is easy to tell everything that is happening at night in a mobile home if the curtains are open. Most people who stay in these homes like staying in isolated places as they move. Close your blinds even when you are away so that anybody cannot tell what is happening inside.

Know your surroundings

If you stay for one place for long, you should familiarize yourself with some few neighbors. This gives you knowledge about their cars so that you can report an unfamiliar vehicle in the neighborhood and contact the police.  It is easy to tell people with ill motives through the way they roam without going to a particular place. Work with your neighbors to help you catch intruders by joining the neighborhood watch.

Use a security system that is fake

If you are on a budget, some expensive security options may be a burden. There is also an option of fake security such as a counterfeit camera that comes at a cheap price that is half the cost of the real one. This can intimidate a thief since it makes it look that you are monitoring your home.

It is hard for a thief to tell if it is real or counterfeit, but if they see it there, they will walk past your mobile home. Statistics reveal that homes that don’t install any security systems, whether real or fake are prone to burglary three times than those with them. It can help you manipulate the mind of an intruder.

Final thoughts

Most mobile homes have security challenges due to a weak structure. We have, however, seen that there are many options you can use to upgrade the security. It also starts with your mentality and appropriate equipment to keep your mobile home safe always. Start by making changes today and make it hard for anyone to break in.

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