New Effective Way of Data Analytics in 2019 For Businesses

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Data Analytics has always been important to businesses. Without it, there is no seeing where you have been or projecting where you can go. Any decision would be a shot in the dark.


With data, however, businesses have tangible proof of how things have been, are now, and might be. From data, insights can be gathered. Conclusions can be inferred. Smarter decisions can be made.

These are the decisions that drive a business forward. Then again, how much data a company has doesn’t matter if they can’t analyze it. For a long time, businesses, especially on the smaller end of the spectrum, have had to pick and choose what data they gather and how much time and effort they can devote to analyzing and making sense of it.

Now, things are a bit different. Today’s tools are smarter and growing more capable of doing all of this detailed mental work all by themselves. They can even begin the process of compiling raw, automatically-gathered data into critical insights. This, going forward will be how the smart businesses of the future prepare to make important decisions.

There are now ways of looking at data that make using it more manageable. Some methods make it easier to make the most of all of your data, not just specific pieces. Today, data isn’t a subject area you can ignore for long. It should be a piece of the core of your business. The good news is that with the right tools that can be easier to do than you might imagine.

See What’s Happening in a Visual Format

One of the most significant advancements in how data analytics work is how visual things can now become. The human brain is used to pictures, not numbers and raw data formats. At a glance, we can learn far more from an image and remember it, too. As a human, you process visuals 60,000 times faster than text alone. This means that the more visual the data you use, the more you will learn and the more time you will save. The more visual your information, the more you learn from it, too.

This is why platforms like Devo ( are so invested in creating the perfect graphical interface. These allow any business owner of any type of business to see, at a glance, dozens of different data types and understand in seconds what they mean. This is a huge leap in the way companies look at data. They even offer different colors and maps not just for aesthetics, but because it will help the person using the program know more at a faster pace.

Get Answers Today, Not Next Month

Today’s data analytics are fast. They are instant. Once a day has come to a close, your data should be available. You shouldn’t have to wait for a monthly report or even a weekly one. Data should always be available and ready to use. You need to make fast decisions, this way they will always be up-to-date and informed.

See More, Use Less

Resources are precious to every single business, from the smallest to the largest in scale. Your analytics solution should take this into account. Small businesses need less than large companies. However, as they grow, their data needs will evolve. They will need more processing power and have different data sets that will need to be mined for valuable information and insight.

Today’s best data solutions are designed to scale. They are light enough for even the smallest business and easy to integrate as their needs grow. Data collection and use need to be simple. For many, this is a drastic perspective shift, but it is a necessary one if you want your business to remain competitive or gain an edge as the business world itself becomes increasingly data-driven.

Better Integration, Less Time Spent

One of the main hurdles you may experience, as a business owner, is setting up a new system. This is especially true when it comes to integrating cloud-based analytics system with your current hardware and software. In fact, this integration process alone will stop up to 30% of businesses in their tracks- even if they want to see their data more clearly.

When it comes to data analysis, it can be easy to see how intimidating a process that looks at and keeps track of virtually every aspect of your business can seem to set up. This is why you need a system that integrates easily.

Ease of integration is one of the key areas that these new analytics suites offer. Without it, you won’t be seeing much of anything. Ease of integration saves you time, gets the system more data, and helps you make better decisions. It lowers the barrier to having a data-driven business.

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