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6 Ways to Back Up Your Data Safely

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Most common cloud-based data storage services such as ottomatik and others provide highly reliable data back up services. However, there are many other options that you can use to store your data that many people do not fully understand. Although all the methods vary regarding their specific pros and cons, what is important to note is that the processes share some essential features. For example, all of them provide basic methods that you can use to keep your data secure over an extended period. Moreover, all the techniques help you to retrieve your data at will. Here are six reliable ways that you can use to back up your data safely.

  1. Using cloud-based backup services

Cloud-based data storage services are designed to help companies store their information off-site. The service is offered by large and specialized companies that have huge servers. The servers are usually located in secure regions and have been dedicated to the work of storing enormous amounts of data of clients. You can either pay for the service of access it free of charge, depending on the policies of the firm. Nowadays, some internet firms like Google are offering free cloud-based data storage services for individuals and small businesses. Besides, many companies are specialized in providing the service for organizations.

  1. Keeping the data in local networks

You can successfully keep your data in what is referred to as home networks. Primarily, such networks comprise several devices that are connected to one another. The interconnectedness of the devices makes it easy for users to store all the data that they have. One primary advantage of using this method to backup data is that it is local. Therefore, the technique offers you an essential level of control over the entire data storage and retrieval process. However, when you use this approach to store your data, you need to be conversant with the technical issues of networking. You must keep your network up and always run to guarantee the integrity of your stored data.

  1. Using a typical USB storage device

Using a USB storage device was once a prevalent method of keeping data. However, many individuals shun from using it because of its limitations. For example, the process is limited because a typical USB device cannot carry substantial amounts of data that organizations and some individuals would like to back up. Moreover, a USB device uses simple techniques to copy and store the data. Thus, it is possible for the data that you keep on such a device to get corrupted within a very short time. Thus, the device does not provide the most efficient method of backing up data. However, it may be a functional method of doing so.

  1. Using an additional hard drive

An extra or external hard drive is a unique device that you can use to create a copy of all the data that you wish to store. While using an external hard drive, you must ensure that the drive is in excellent condition always. If the drive gets damaged, then you end up losing all your backed-up data. Moreover, you need to ensure that you do not use your hard drive on an everyday basis. The hard drive that you use as your backup should be stored in a secure place to maintain the integrity of your data.

  1. Utilizing a DVD

You can also back up your data by burning it on a DVD. Normally a DVD provides a better alternative of storing data than a CD because of its capacity. There are many software programs that you can use to burn the data on your DVD. The only underside of this method is that you must keep the DVD in a safe place to prevent it from getting damaged.

  1. Printing the data

You can also backup your data by printing it. However, it is important to point out that once you print all your data, you will have to input it into your device in the future for you to utilize the information. It is because of this feature that many individuals and organizations do not use this as a primary method of backing up data.

From the preceding discussion, it is apparent that there are many methods of backing up data. your choice of method depends on the size of data that you would like to store as well as the capacity of your systems. also, you must consider the method of restoring the data when choosing a technique of storing it.

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