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12 Smart Home Gadgets You Need In Your House

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Most of our houses shall contain a lot of normal household smart home gadgets which were not available in any of the homes before decades like radio, television, laptops, ovens, refrigerators.

But, today almost all these devices are available in all the houses and people of all categories have a good affinity towards it.

In other words, these devices have been listed under the list of basic needs.

Then what kind of gadgets shall make your house to look smart and outstanding. Have a glance at this article to know more about the recently trending gadgets which can really mesmerize you.

Smart thermostat

Since the thermostat is a technical term let me brief about it with a few words. It a simple gadget which senses the temperature of the physical environment with which it controls the operation of a peripheral system like air conditioner, heating systems etc.

At present, we use the ordinary remotes to control the cooling and heating systems at home.

These thermostats are set to a particular temperature after which the thermostat will automatically initiate the cooling system to cool the environment.

Once the room is cooled to an optimal level, then the smart thermostat switches off, thereby maintaining a constant temperature inside your house without the human intervention.

LED bulbs

Each decade has seen its own invention, in the field of light and bulbs. Incandescent lamps, neon lamps, halogen lamps have had enough dominance over others contemporary products at their time of rule.

But, today, even those powerful lamps have been outnumbered due to the emergence of LED lamps.

These cute lamps are less power-hungry when compared to any other lamp and also the luminance of the lamp is also high as per its watt rating.

Installing the LED bulbs along the corridor or the living room shall also be fascinating.

Wi-Fi Video doorbell

Commercial doorbells have been used to call people who keep them locked inside the house. But what would it do if a visitor comes to your house and you are not available? 

Wi-Fi video doorbell has emerged to solve such issues. It is reinforced with an app through which the owner can see the person standing in front of the doorbell through his smartphone even if the owner is at any corner of the home.

The attractive feature of this cool gadget is that this device provides the video to the user even if the visitor doesn’t press the button on the doorbell.

Key finder

Searching for a lost key is a challenging task which would have been done by anyone and finally, it would be very annoying when you find it in our pockets. In other words, you have wasted the time.

A key finder is a really cool gadget that finds a clever solution to such issues. Simply attach the gadget to your keychain and synchronize it with your smartphone.

Since this gadget operates with the 100-meter Bluetooth range the keys can be found easily with the help of your mobile. That mind-blowing! Isn’t it?

Microchip pet feeder

In normal homes feeding the pets is done manually. But what would happen if you leave for an outdoor trip?

Who will feed your pet if you are not gonna be at home for a week? In such situations, a microchip pet feeder can do your job thereby providing you a great relief.

It identifies the pet using the radiofrequency ID and provides food to the pet at a programmed time.

Installation of this system makes you feel supreme about the automation of the device.

Robotic vacuum

Normal vacuum cleaner requires the support of the humans to perform its task.

Unlike the features in the normal vacuum, the robotic vacuum cleaner possesses automation properties.

It can be operated through a handheld remote or it can also be operated automatically in the self-driving mode.

When automated, this robot can move throughout the room collecting the dust.

Due to the support rendered by this robot, humans don’t have to spend their valuable time doing such jobs.

Some of these robots are also strengthened with the brushes at the bottom in order to increase the degree of cleanliness.

Wi-Fi security cameras

When Wi-Fi cameras came into existence, it was useful to people for monitoring places like streets, shops, houses etc.

In this system, the video information is stored on a hard drive which gets regularly replaced by the recently shot video.

Eliminating the limitations in the security cameras, Wi-Fi cameras store the data in the hard drive which can be accessed from your monitor at your home using the radio frequency signals.

Apart from that, remote accessing, motion control are the other features available in this robust device which makes your home unique.

Thermal carafe

It’s just a container, but not like a regular glass container which brews coffee. In the normal glass container the heat radiates from the container and over time, it cools your coffee.

But, thermal carafe is constructed with a double layer of stainless steel which is sandwiched with a layer of vacuum in the middle.

This vacuum does not conduct the heat and also, the two layers contact each other only through some joints and loss of heat through these joints is very meager.

Hence, the thermal carafe can keep your coffee hot for a long time and so it a valuable gadget that everyone deserves.

Smart locks

Nowadays, opening a mechanical lock is not at all an issue. Simple tools can do that in seconds.

So people have started to move towards the digitized locks where technology plays a lot.

Even though there is a lot of advancement in the fabrication of various gadgets there is always some to hack the entire system.

Therefore it is crucial, to create a locking mechanism by interfacing both hardware and software.

Such high-quality smart locks should have a proper interface with your smartphone with which you can unlock the door.

Voice recognition, fingerprint analysis techniques can also be incorporated in your smart locks to enhance your home security.

Smart Sprinkler system

Even now people rely on the pipes, hoses, etc to water their lawn and gardens and this is because of their ignorance of the advancements.

Of course, the sprinkler has seen decades, but what more is there to tell about them? Recent days sprinklers can be used by interfacing them with smartphones through an app.

You can simply rest at one corner of your lawn and switch ON a specific sprinkler until that zone is watered well.

Likewise, you can use your mobile phone to access multiple sprinklers in your lawn. Such sophisticated items when installing at your home shall make it elite.

Smart lighting and fan

Smart lighting proves to be an intelligent system which very much reduces the power bills.

You switch on your fans and lights when you need them, but when you are cooled you don’t try to switch them off. Why does this happen?

Just negligence.

By using this smart lighting system you can simply switch off all the devices at home using a smartphone thereby saving a lot of energy.

Such energy-friendly gadgets are valuable and smart assets which all of us require.

Smart watches

Watches – as everyone knows they are used to know the time throughout the day. But after the advent of the smartphone, a good percentage of people don’t show interest in wearing a watch.

Even if some folks go for that, they wear it for ornamental purposes only. Smartwatches are rather different from regular watches.

It is reinforced with various features like GPS, maps, a cellular interface, music, videos, IR sensors etc.

Since it contains multiple features in a single gadget it will soon emerge to be an effective replacement of smartphones.

Therefore, possessing a smartwatch at home shall also make you feel superior and exceptional.

Regular use and exposure to moisture will wear down the appearance of your smartwatch over time.

If your smartwatch starts to look old and shabby, you can get a replacement watch band that’s more affordable than what the original manufacturer offers. This way, your smartwatch will look as good as new.

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