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3 Mistakes in Cloud Computing That Make You Look Dumb

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Cloud computing continues to gain momentum for the past decade. Enterprises are transferring to cloud-based platforms at a tremendous.

Convenience is the first thing coming to mind when we add afford-abilityand usefulness to it; cloud starts making sense even for the non-IT persons.

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The web and mobile application development companies are switching to cloud computing for various reasons. One of the primary uses comes in the form of ease of development due to the availability of a wide range of tools. There are departments such as human resource (HR) and customer services, highly likely to use the cloud-based platform for new entrants and lay a structure for the current employees.

What is Cloud Computing?


If you belong to an outsourcing industry, you would be familiar with the definition which explains cloud computing as, ‘outsourcing software or computer programs’. The word ‘outsourcing’ sits with this Internet-based technology perfectly. When we access cloud to use programs and software applications, it gives us a lot of freedom and peace of mind. First, we don’t have to physically program, in a pen-drive or a DVD. Second, there is no need to install it in the C, D, E or F drives. Third, you don’t have to worry about powering it on or storing the data files.

Google Drive is an ideal example of cloud computing. We use Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc., without the hassle of saving files, technology on the go for real!

It is sheer comfort and facility to use cloud-based programs on the Internet hosted by an outside party,

Let’s look at the three dumbest cloud-related mistakes. Remember these things to save precious time and resources.

1. Firing the Employees Too Early

It is a common mistake when moving to the cloud.

Thinking generosity may help you in slowing down and procrastinating.

Remember, we are not there yet so why fire your staff before reaching the destiny?

That’s right! We must wait until the process of migration is done and dusted to make the final decision about the legacy system handlers.

Stay on It and Don’t Change Your Budget Yet

Public companies do not want anything to do with spending during cloud-migrations. And this is what gets them in trouble. Firing your employees responsible for managing the legacy systems before the migration is a risky decision. Companies have taken the fall for making this mistake. Just because you are spending extra bucks doesn’t mean you are wasting them. It is your business – the big thing that is on the line.  The veteran web and mobile application development companies are well-aware of this fact, and their advice to the clients is nothing short of wisdom.

Usually, it takes few months to a year to switch to cloud-based platforms. Therefore, you need to be patient and allow the staff to operate until the switch is complete. You will eventually be able to save money, but for the time being, you need them for business operations. Moreover, there are a few applications that are not cloud-compatible. The staff is going to execute those programs, so think long and hard before passing the final judgment.

2. Going With the Hype

The second dumbest thing on the canvas of cloud computing is coming under the influence of hype. The web development services in the USA which once didn’t think much about cloud are embracing it in significant numbers. In the heat of the moment, they try to oversell the benefits of cloud computing and fall short of expectations. Don’t make things difficult for yourself when you can’t support the idea with a practical result.

Stop Now and Save Yourself from Embarrassment.  

We have seen the companies go on and on about the pros of cloud computing when the reality is a bit different. The ROI comes in gradually but overstating the benefits is a mere illusion. We have to see things in the long-term perspective and on a strategic level rather than derailing from the track by going crazy about some hype.

Hire a real consultant who knows about the technology, so it becomes difficult to entertain unrealistic expectations.

3. Vulnerability Leads to Bad Decision-Making

The third mistake is when the client is reluctant because the information and data are sacred. They can’t afford to lose it – any breach can cost them a fortune. For instance, the healthcare sector demands tight security when it comes to databases and clinical software programs. That is part of their regulations to work on a highly secure platform.

Some clients act vulnerable around their data, so they don’t want to put their documents in the cloud. Then again they are paying so much for it along with the datacenters that they decide to put it on a public cloud.

That is not a good move. First, you’re inviting big time latency because this kind of hybrid setup is most suitable for industries where one can tolerate lags. The security, on the other hand, is threatened due to this architecture. The level of your vulnerability at this point would merely be astronomical!

Words of the Wise

Everyone makes mistakes.

However, we must not be afraid to admit them. The whole idea is to accept them as soon as they happen and figure out a way to avoid them in future. We can’t innovate unless we make mistakes and learn from them.

As the web and mobile application development move further into the cloud, the disparities between the cloud and the legacy systems will become apparent. Sooner than later, we’ll know how to find a balance between the legacy systems and the cloud-based applications.

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