How Do I Start and Run a Blog?

A person or company owning a blog does not sound like an exotic thing these days. For many individuals and organizations, running a blog or website is the only effective (and exciting!) way to share with the world what they have. Therefore, there are a growing number of users, who would like to start a blog and need professional help.

How Do I Start and Run a Blog? 1

This is much less of a challenge than many of us think. In fact, it takes but a few simple steps. These include:

  • Choosing a blogging platform and domain name. There are tons of reasons to choose WordPress – a long-established, versatile and functional platform. There is a free version of the platform, which is good as demo, but not quite so good for really running a blog because of limitations. In any event, WordPress presents the best quality/price ratio. The choice of a domain name is important too. Success pretty much depends on how brandy, attractive and descriptive it is, because these are key factors of audience’s response. It should be easy to read and type. Users must be sure that their chosen domain names do not include any trademarked names, to avoid the shutting down due to copyright violation.


  • Choosing a reliable hosting company. This is one of the most important steps, because it is the hosting company who stores the content, images, video/audio elements, etc. on a blog or website. It is the hosting company who makes a blog visible online. There are lots of hosting companies around the globe. Any would-be blog owner has to face the challenge of choosing a reliable one capable of providing stable traffic and tech support, data security, uptime, clear and concise pricing, money back guarantee, etc. All these companies claim they are the best, but not all of them really are.
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How Do I Start and Run a Blog? 1

  • Setting it up. At this point, you get a chance to adjust your blog’s functionality by adding features, which you think will get your resource to work properly. Good hosting services post all information on their websites. Once you have chosen one, you open its home page, choose the right plan and package and follow instructions. There will be a detailed description to each plan, from which you can conclude which one is the best for you. At this point, you will see which theme, plugin, etc. you want or do not want to use. It is advisable for beginners to choose a basic plan, and advanced features can be added later any time. Hosting providers arrange their pages in such a way as to guide users through the entire procedure, so this is not likely to pose any difficulty. Once a user has completed the procedure, he/she gets access to a control panel.

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  • Learning WordPress and using it. Next thing we do is install WordPress. Once it is done, a user will be required to enter domain name, his/her name, user name, password, etc., into respective fields. When the procedure is finished, the user becomes the owner of a self-hosted WordPress resource. As one goes through it, he/she will have time and lots of opportunities to look at and study the numerous WordPress options and learn to post text, images, videos, apply themes and plugins, etc. Particularly, there will be hundreds of chances to take a look at it from the outside.

How Do I Start and Run a Blog? 1

  • Writing and posting. This is the most exciting part of any blogger: he/she actually starts running it. There is hardly a bigger pleasure than sharing with the world what one has been longing to share for months or even years. There are all tools close at hand, so one can build a page and supplement his/her post with images, sounds, themes, options, etc., and make it an attraction for potential clientele!

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